Professional artist and UP alumna traumatized by shabu addict slams Agot’s anti-Duterte tweets

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Actress Agot Isidro catches the ire of netizens every now and then whenever she tweets about her anti-Duterte comments on the illegal drug war, but one artist and UP alumna took to heart what Isidro said.

Maia Villapañe, a resident of Cagayan de Oro, recounts her painful childhood of having witnessed the travesties of her drug addict neighbor. While her neighbor had never inflicted any direct harm to her, Villapañe expressed how afraid she was whenever she hears the drug addict beat his wife or see him with bloody fists from the substance abuse.

Having these traumatizing experiences made Villapañe see Isidro as insensitive for mocking the drug operations of President Rodrigo Duterte just when it had catalyzed big positive changes in Villapañe’s hometown.

Living through the dark days under the Parojinog rule for so long, the netizen explains that Duterte’s efforts and the efficiency of Chief Inspector Jovie Espenido has gained wide support for the formerly drug-laden Ozamiz City.

Villapañe shames Isidro saying that despite the latter’s education in the University of the Philippines, she still flaunts her ignorance owing it to her Constitutional right to freedom of speech.

However, Villapañe retorts that as much as Isidro has the right to her views, so does Villapañe to hers. The netizen relayed that the actress should not feel surprised or offended if people started bashing her for her comments.

In her full post on Facebook, Villapañe said,

"When I read Agot Isidro's horrible tweets mocking Jovie Espenido and the Admin's efforts against drugs, it's like she's basically saying Ozamiznons and Mindanaoans in general are second-class citizens and this is painful.

You know, Agot, there are a handful of memories from my childhood in Cagayan de Oro that are crystal clear, and some stand out not because they were happy, but because they were traumatic. At 7, I was already exposed to the dangers of shabu. We had a neighbor who was aggressive because of his addiction, and while I was protected well enough from him ever laying a hand on me, I was often woken up by the sounds of him either beating up his wife or causing a ruckus that would wake other neighbors up. 

I remember seeing a trail of blood leading to the back of our house where he sat, eyes bloodshot, face ashen, and body trembling. His knuckles were bloody and his wife tended to his wounds and ignored the bruise she was sporting on her jaw. I wouldn't know until much later but drugs had been the cause for his bloodied fists and his wife's bruised jaw. He'd hallucinated and punched a mirror, and his infant daughter had to be taken to his mother's house for safety. When he raised his head and looked at me, I felt afraid for myself and ran back inside my house because he looked devoid of any feeling and his stare was chilling. After that, any time I would see him, I hid, but I was never able to banish that dead eye stare from my mind. Ever.

Agot, you may not like the President and the people he backs up, but for the citizens of Ozamiz who had to live with the black and cruel legacy of the Parojinog clan for years, Jovie Espenido and by extension, President Duterte's open declaration of war against narcotics was their only hope. It is painful to me that you, swarthed in elitism and living in your ivory tower, refuse to understand what others go through despite your background of being educated in UP -- an institution that (should) emphasizes on the importance of service to the country from its alumni.

You may have a Constitutional right to free speech, Agot, but you don't have the monopoly on it either. So don't whine or cry or blame the other side if they get pissed at you to the point of venting their anger out on you. It is a decades-long anger over a situation that went ignored and caused undue suffering. It has reached boiling point and it is justified. You've made your bed and you must lie in it, or make a concerted effort to broaden your understanding.

You advocate for mental health awareness, but that doesn't give you the license to be an armchair psychologist and diagnose as you see fit, like what you did (and were applauded for despite its exponential WRONGNESS) with the President. Don't make it hard for fellow mental health sufferers like myself by committing that mistake.

Yeah, Agot, I'm not over that either. And I never forget."

*** Source: Facebook / Maia Villapañe

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Professional artist and UP alumna traumatized by shabu addict slams Agot’s anti-Duterte tweets Professional artist and UP alumna traumatized by shabu addict slams Agot’s anti-Duterte tweets Reviewed by Newsinfo Learn on August 12, 2017 Rating: 5

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