A Story of netizen from Ozamiz who grew up thinking that "Evil is Good"

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The crimes of the Parojinog family were heinous and sometimes bloody enough to be blatantly labelled as evil, but an anonymous netizen shared that because the Parojinogs made money rain in Ozamiz City, they won the favor and protection of the people.

Evil blurred with good because even if the Parojinogs were responsible for bank robberies, kidnappings, murders, and illegal gun and drug trade, no one from the police would dare stop them and Ozamiz locals would willingly rally to them because they paid well.

From criminals, the Parojinogs became saints for Ozamiz locals and were even considered the law in their city because of the power they held over every other institution. People strived to win their favor.

The anonymous netizen shared that her family members did business with the Parojinog and, at some point, the business started bordering on illegal. Even when the anonymous netizen knew about her family’s dealings, she was made to believe that Ozamiz City Mayor Reynaldo Parojinog was a good man.

It was only though President Rodrigo Duterte’s intervention that it became clear once again. Evil is evil, and good is good. After the bloody drug raid at the Parojinog residence, the netizen shares that it had become right again to think that no evil is good.

In her full post on netizen Chichi Villacorta’s Facebook, the anonymous netizen said,


By ANDnoNAMEmous

Years ago, when we were kids, my dad taught us that good always opposes evil but evil will never win. The values of respect our elders, follow rules, don’t hurt people and abide by what is noble and right were hammered into us at a very tender age.

Then we grew older and we realized that we are living in a town called Ozamiz where Onkoy was our mythical big bad wolf. His heirs, the present Parojinogs are feared and respected in our city. They sell guns, drugs, rob banks and occasionally engaged in kidnappings and murder-for-hire.

A week or two after a major robbery in other parts of the country, Ozamiz always gets the windfall of discounted jewelries in the black market. Former senator from Cagayan de Oro cursed our late mayor for the drugs dumped in his home city. In my elementary school days, I used to hear neighbors gossip about the heists pulled by the Parojinog brother, Nato.

For what seemed like forever the Parojinogs were never in trouble except maybe that time when a certain Philippine Constabulary colonel came to town. But that happened before I was born.

The mayor and his daughter were our deities, our santo. People lined up to receive money from him everyday. As far back as I could remember, the Parojinogs were the law because even the real law enforcers feared and submitted to them.

Our parents and members of our extended family all did business with the Parojinogs. There were times during our adolescence when we knew that what ma and pa did was wrong but we were told that it was necessary. Over time, the narrative of the bandits of Ozamiz became the benefactor and saints of Ozamiz. Pa began telling us stories of the noble-hearted mayor.

“Pa, didn’t you say he’s evil? Didn’t you say he robs and kills people?”

My papa shook his head, as I remembered, “No, Jik, he is a nice man. He is also a Christian. You have to remember that he is the mayor and he grows our business.”

I did as I was told but my mind was trapped inside a conundrum. How was a bank robber and a murderer a nice man? Eventually, as I grew older, I realized that this is how the world works. It doesn’t matter how many people you’ve robbed or killed. If you get to the top and start paying people off, you become a “nice” man.

My father never understood how confused we were as children. On the one hand, we were taught in school what constitutes goodness. On the other, we were told to accept bad as good. Our young minds hit a brick wall. What is good and what is bad?

If you kill people, you're bad.
If you rob banks, you're bad.
If you hurt others, you're bad.
If you don't play fair or don't play by the rules, that's bad.
If you take drugs or sell drugs, you're bad.

But my papa said that the mayor and his family were all good people.

At some point during my high school years, I slammed my mind into an anoesis.

Evil is good. It has to be, otherwise, why do my relatives praise the mayor and his family?

Evil is good. Evil is good… Evil is good…
Then Duterte became president. Now, evil is once again bad."


Source: Facebook / Chichi Villacorta

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A Story of netizen from Ozamiz who grew up thinking that "Evil is Good" A Story of netizen from Ozamiz who grew up thinking that "Evil is Good" Reviewed by Newsinfo Learn on August 06, 2017 Rating: 5


  1. I like your very honest insight.....

  2. Evil becomes good when there is money involved

  3. Evil is bad, yeah, it is true,but if you let the evil be rule in this world, what gonna happen in our life?So, let us to eliminate the evil and destroy their wrongdoings in our country.No one is above the law.God send an instrument to destroy all the evil people in our country.God send Pres.Duterte to us to destroy all those evil people.He may be bad to our eyes,but in our heart, he is a good man, he just doing his job for the sake of his people's life.God send him to us, to help us and to hear our voices.He wanted us to be free from the hands of an evil people.God send him to protect and save us, it is time to wake up to fight our rights from an evil people.We need Pres.Duterte to protect and save us and our country!! God bless our President and our country.


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