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It seems they have been taken off guard, as a netizen noted, because as soon as the expose on Commission on Elections (COMELEC) Chairperson Andres Bautista came out, it seems that the whole Liberal Party (LP) did not know what first to troubleshoot.

These were the observations of netizen Faith Cabanilla who noted that Vice President Leni Robredo remains “dumbfounded” and missed an engagement in Naga City. 

The supporters and “trolls” of the LP are eerily quiet as the controversy rolls out. Cabanilla surmises that they are waiting for a signal from the LP camp as to what and how to counterattack a massive expose.

Questions now rise about where could Bautista possibly amass his alleged ill-gotten wealth of over Php 1 billion with possible sources from pork barrel, Yolanda donations, or even illegal drug company.

In her full post on Facebook, Cabanilla said, 

"Leni Robredo's camp was not properly informed by Inquirer before the news broke out this morning.  They are still in shock.  She misses an engagement in Naga.  A thousand things to do for Georgina.

Rappler made sure they present the news in the eyes of Andres Bautista.  It is already backfiring because we all know what Andy did last summer.

Andres Bautista holds an emergency press conference with the Virgin Mary as his background.  Angry faces abound.  The Holy Mother adds another wrath line under the Yellow Liberal Party tab.  We wait for Her hand to do the slapping with a long, black spiked whip.

LP trolls and commentators are waiting for their masters' bidding. Their masters are too dumbfounded and too dumb to even think of a counterattack at this point.  All the Yellow LP trolls could think of is "When's our next paycheck?", because they were never trained to think for themselves.

The Yellow supporters have apparently been bitten by a bug that causes paralysis. They cannot speak and move even though their eyes are wide open.  The symptoms include making cricket sounds when you ask them the question, "Asan na kayo?"

All the funders and sponsors and donors of the Yellows are scrambling to erase any trail that may connect them with the COMELEC head and the LP.  Where did the P2B come from?  DAP? Yolanda? Foreign aid? Taxes? Drug lords? Their next idea is to start a fundraising program for Andres Bautista. This is to help Bautista with his denial of his ill-gotten wealth. They will call it 'Piso Para Kay Andy'.

Some senators are nervous. We know a lot of them didn't deserve the slot they won last elections.  Who will fall next? Eenie-meenie-miney-moeee!  A word against Tish is a word against themselves.  CBCP will encourage them to just pray. In silence.

Back to Leni: she needs a hug from Bolet right now."

#NeverAgainToYellow #NoToLP #LeniIsNotMyVP #HocusPCOSMachines
#CleanCOMELEC #ForTruth #ForJustice

Source: Facebook / Faith Cabanilla

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  1. "Caught off guard" now "dumbfounded"---Correct! Now everyone in the LP is nervous. Truth of LPs massive cheating soon to be revealed. Damn good!

  2. "Truth crushed to earth will rise again, the eternal gloryof God is hers; but Error, wounded, writhes in pain, and dies among her worshipers." How true! How true!


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