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President Rodrigo Duterte issued statements against former President Benigno Aquino III once again regarding the latter’s claimed about “nothing happened” in his illegal drug war campaign. 

During a visit to troops in Marawi, Duterte had said in his speech that Aquino’s statements about the illegal drug wars were an insult to the government’s army and police.

Many of my soldiers died, and my police were wounded… That’s insulting,” he said.

Duterte admits being “hurt” over Aquino’s statements because of how it undermined the efforts of those who risked their lives to keep illegal drugs at bay.

If you’re careless in saying nothing happened, I would really lose my cool,” he said.

The President talked about how “sensitive” he was over illegal drug issues because of the fact that people died because of it.

He also boosted the morale of the Marawi troops when he said a heartfelt expression of support for them.

I have to be here because I want all of you to know that… I love you. I hope you will be able to clean up Marawi City and get rid of the terrorists,” he said.

With 119 casualties in the Marawi crisis, Duterte vowed to provide for the families of the deceased.

Yung promise ko na I will establish a trust fund of P50 billion when I go out of the presidency, that 50 billion will be dedicated solely to the education of your children,” he said.

“Ang disparity kasi ng mga mayaman at mahirap ‘yung iba kasi… Hindi naman ako nang-iinsulto… Kasi ‘yung iba they can pursue studies… Ang bata naman kung may utak bigyan natin ng panahon,” Duterte added.

Source: Inquirer

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