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When Commission on Elections (COMELEC) Chair Andres Bautista faced a press conference regarding his alleged ill-gotten wealth as stated in an affidavit from his wife, a netizen noted the small body movements that indicated he was lying.

Andres denied the allegations made by his wife Patricia Paz Bautista regarding the 32 passbooks and bank and property documents during the press conference, but netizen Gerard Dacudao said that Andres glanced to his right when he denied these which is a signal that he’s lying according to the FBI handbook.

Dacudao shared that when a right-handed person glances to his right, he is lying. If that right-handed person glances to his left, then he is recalling an actual event.

It takes a keen eye to note that when a reporter inquired about the disparity in Andres’ statement of assets, liabilities, and net worth (SALN), the latter’s eues briefly glanced to the right before saying “not true.”

Dacudao warned Andres that if he continues to shield his “benefactors”, it would only result to tragedy given that the LP is losing ground with this recent expose. It even seems as though Andres was conveniently placed in that vulnerable position just in case a scenario such as this comes up.

In his full post on Facebook, Dacudao said,


I saw the presscon. He looked too many times to the right. And according to the FBI handbook on detetecting lies, this is it. When a right handed person looks up to the right, he is accessing his imagination to invent a non-real event. On the other hand if he looks to the left, he is accessing his memory of an actual event.

Right smack on the part where a reporter asks how to explain the SALN difference, his answer was: "not true" - while glancing his eyes for a split second on the upper right of his view.

Andy, better for you to sing and be a hero. If you defend your benefactors, you will go down with them. Remember, these passbooks link them to you.

I detect lies for a living. And I try as hard as I can to put the person in front of me as either a protector or a predator. Based on that, I know if there is business to run after and develop. From what I saw on the presscon, he did seem to lie. But I think he is not a predator. He was put there to be bullied in case this scenario happens. Lo and behold, it did. Typical LP moves.

So, Andy save yourself. While you still can.



Source: Facebook / Gerad Dacudao

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