An open letter to President Duterte: "We need your iron hand to fire immediately Chairman Bautista"

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The expose on Commission on Elections (COMELEC) Chairperson Andres Bautista has sparked rage and distrust over the 2016 elections.

If the poll chief has amassed questionable wealth and no one from his camp seems ready or willing to answer who provided it, netizens clamor for the credibility of the recent electoral results.

Added to this is the growing protest against Vice President Leni Robredo who is caught in controversy over alleged electoral fraudulence that gave her an unfair advantage over former Senator Ferdinand Marcos Jr.

UP alumnus Raffy Gutierrez appealed to President Rodrigo Duterte in an open letter on Facebook that stated the urgency of having to oust Bautista and other involved figures soon.

The exposé on the poll chief has realized the threat to Philippine democracy. If the guilty officials involved get away, the credibility of the electoral process of the country is at stake.

Because of these concerns, Gutierrez urged Duterte to invoke his “iron fist” and implement the “change” the government needs.

In his full post on Facebook, Gutierrez said,

"An open letter to President Rodrigo Roa Duterte. Please share.

Dear President Duterte,

The recent COMELEC scandal revealed by Patricia Bautista about her husband Andy Bautista triggered this immense need to reach out to you. While I have been very strongly passionate and vocal about other issues in the past, this recent revelation about the COMELEC chairman must be addressed with full force and your full, undivided attention.

The COMELEC is the sole gateway for Filipinos to get elected into office so it plays the most crucial role across government agencies. Leaders who get elected via fraudulent means such as cheating, vote buying, SMART MATIC manipulation become the biggest threat towards real progress and prosperity for our country. They are a bigger headache than the drug lords and heads of criminal syndicates because these corrupt public servants are the ones who allow crime and corruption to proliferate in the first place.

Mahal naming Pangulo, we implore you to please intervene with this issue and fire every single person in the COMELEC starting with Chairman Bautista. Their corruption has persisted throughout the decades, and everyone who has ever dealt with the COMELEC knows how dirty they are. Halos lahat po diyan nababayaran. Ultimong baranggay tanod nga can be purchased for the right price. Kaya nga po hanggang baranggay captain nagpapatayan para sa puwesto.

There have been vocal social media activists like Attorney Glenn Chong who have spoken at length and have made serious investigations about the rampant cheating that happens within the COMELEC. And there is enough evidence already mounted by other political groups to validate the corruption happening in the COMELEC because of the SMART MATIC.

We need your iron hand, Mahal Naming Pangulo Duterte to fire immediately Chairman Bautista and those who continue to support the rampant cheating and stealing in COMELEC. They must be replaced by people who have integrity and honor and who will not be bought for a price. Our country has had enough and we enjoin with you in the hope for a better Philippines. But we can never see a bright tomorrow if the very institution that places our leaders are paid for lapdogs of the Oligarchy or worse, criminal syndicates.

The only way to end the biggest part of the cycle of corruption that besets our nation is to appoint people who we can run honest and clean elections. You are the only person powerful enough to make a such a drastic change that is needed right now.

I am sorry for reaching out to you directly, Mahal Naming Pangulo Duterte, but I feel so strongly that the time has come. Sana po buwagin na yang COMELEC na yan. Puro dayaan lang po ang inaatupag ng mga leaders at empleyado diyan. Pati kayo po dinaya ng milyong milyong boto. Sana po huwag ninyong palilipasin. Show them your iron hand and greatest wrath.

It's time to change this. Malapit na po ang 2019 and 2022. Sana po before yung susunod na elections matitino at marangal na ang mga nandiyan sa COMELEC.

Maraming salamat po, Pangulo Duterte.

Mabuhay po ang Pilipinas. Mabuhay ang Pilipinas

Maraming salamat po.

Raffy Gutierrez

Pro-Duterte Blogger
Catalyst for Cultural Change


Source: Facebook / Raffy Gutierrez

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  1. The question is; can the COMELEC chair be fired? As far as I know, he may or can be impeached, not fired. I sincerely hope PDU30 can fire him.


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