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Former President Benigno Aquino III recently commented that the media is now silenced under the President Rodrigo Duterte regime contrary to their snides during his term. 

But veteran journalist Jojo Robles explains that the media's “conspiracy of silence” during Aquino's term was through his administration’s efforts to censor negative reports and cover up their corruption. 

The public had long been aware of the kind of silence that media practiced during Aquino's presidency which, as Robles explained, brought about the loss of their credibility in the 2016 elections and current regime.

Robles cited how the “oligarch-owned” mainstream media during Aquino's time painted their reports with bias, a kind of silence that favored his administration.

Under Duterte, the media is silenced due to the public's declining trust in their reports. Alternative media has cropped up and became the source of legitimate news for the citizens.

In his full post on Facebook, Robles said,

"Look, an idiot.

Everyone who followed the news during your term knew there was a conspiracy of silence in the media about your stupidity, laziness, incompetence and lack of empathy. And let's not forget how the media downplayed the corruption that you let your minions do.

Both the revolt against mainstream media in the last elections and the decline of its influence since then are directly traceable to the media conspiracy to prop you up and defend you!

The oligarch-owned media made the choice to support you and to turn a blind eye to all the terrible things you did and did not do. Now they are suffering from a loss of credibility from which they may never recover.

But what's the point of telling you all this? You're an idiot. "

Source: Facebook / Jojo Robles

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  1. oh how i love this! hats off, mr jojo robles :)

  2. The Oligarch Owned(OO) MSM like ABS-CBN, PDI, etc, is nothing more than a social engineering and mind control enterprise. All of the participants are actors and molding the mind of the gullible audience. The stories are manufactured, the news are scripted and the masses are misled. This OO MSM made a promise to:
    1. Always speak favourably of Noynoy, Mar Roxas and the Liberal party. 2. Be hostile to President Duterte and the other political parties. 3. Take messaging cues and political narratives from the Liberal Party 4. Paint a one-sided liberal and biased story
    Hey if you want to put your faith in the corrupt OO MSM media, that's your choice, but we can't let them decide that the Liberal Party are always right.

  3. You can't call the BS Aquino an idiot because he is special child. Don't you notice his face? It's the face of person with down syndrome.


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