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Critics may have ganged up around President Rodrigo Duterte for declaring Martial Law in all of Mindanao, but widows of slain soldiers in the Marawi clash only offer their appreciation and love for what Duterte has done for the country.

It was in social media personality Krizette Chu’s post where screenshots of chats between Marawi widows showed that they praise Duterte for his love for the country.

In the screenshot of the chat group Marawi Widows Support, Yoj Mary said that even when she lost her husband to war, she still supports Duterte.

Fellow widow Cheerly Joy expressed their thankfulness for Duterte and emphasized that the President never abandoned them amidst the tragedy.

Another message Yoj Mary sent that Chu highlighted in her post was, “Mas mbuti ng sa administrasyon ni duterte nwala mr ntin kesa nawala sila sa administrasyon ni pnoy..#justsaying”.

Chu was particularly touched with Yoj Mary’s statement because the latter had seven kids whom her husband left her with, and yet she is grateful for Duterte.

Chu, being one of the most avid Duterte supporters, said she knew praises from her were common, but praises from the Marawi widows were another matter entirely.

With all the critics around, Chu urged Duterte to ignore the negativity around him because the support coming from the wives of slain Marawi soldiers is enough proof that there remains Filipinos supportive of change.

In her full post on Facebook, Chu said,

"Happy one year anniversary, my love from the star Rodrigo. You already know how I feel for you, because I've been noisy for the past year, so my opinion is nothing new.

So I am going to share with you, and with all our friends who love you like I do, what the widows of our men killed in action in Marawi say about you.

I hear from Mareng Mocha and doc Loraine that you have been very sad the past days with what is happening in Marawi, the displacement of our Merenao brothers and sisters, the deaths of your men which you feel personally responsible for as their commander in chief.

Sir I don't know if you know but you are overwhelmingly loved. You are supported. We your supporters have been working and ready to help the government and be real partners for change.

Ito ang favorite ko na OMG:


AND THAT IS FROM SOMEONE WHO HAS SEVEN KIDS! SEVEN KIDS, stay at home mom, and still sees the silver lining because at least si Duterte daw na hindi sila pinabayaan!

Ito din po, from the wife of Serrano:

@Krizette Laureta Chu ,,mam sana po makaabot ky tatay digong.. Ever since tiwala po ako sa kanya.. Napakasakit na nawala ang asawa ko. Ngunit kahit papaano alam kong my katuturan ang nangyari sa kanila.. At alam kong d kami pababayaan ni tatay digong. Kung meron mang dapat sisihin un ang mga terorista at mga taong nasa likod nila. Nagbuwis ng buhay ang mga mr. Namin.. At kung di man ito nangyari maaring magmistulang syria tayo...tatay will always hve my trust and support. Thanx din po sa inyo.."

Rodrigo, my love from the star, please ignore all the negativity because NOTHING matters more but the opinion of those who lost their partners in life in service. They are the ones who sacrificed and are sacrificing and will sacrifice for years to come.

What have the negative people like Jim Paredes and his ilk sacrificed? Wala. These widows sacrificed to support our country and they love you. Isn't that a truer testimony of your Presidency?


You inspire all of us."


Source: Krizette Laureta Chu

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