VP Leni only reaps public’s ire for “basurera” stint

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Vice President Leni Robredo has once again gone viral online after she disclosed during an interview that she scavenged through a garbage bin in Boston, United States to look for things she and her daughter could reuse.

Dissenters and critics of Robredo lashed at her for attempting to portray herself as close to the masses or understanding of their plight by pretending to be in their position.

Social media warrior Mark Lopez lamented how insulting Robredo’s display of insincerity is to actual garbagemen who in reality are not even celebrated or honored for the work they risk themselves doing.

Lopez stressed that it is a form of deception to the people that Robredo mask herself as a person willing to scavenge trash to look for useful things.

Real garbage collectors, Lopez said, keep mum about their job and do not go about yapping it on public unlike what Robredo did by broadcasting it on media.

In his full post on Facebook, Lopez said,

"Sa totoo lang...

Sa ugaling Pilipino, ang pagiging basurero ay isang adhikain o gawain na bihirang ipinagmamalaki o ipinagsisigawan sa buong mundo... bagkus kung maari lang wag na sana yan maging topic ng usapan, lalu na kung ikaw ung anak o kamag anak ng tao na ganun ang hanapbuhay. Ang punto dito, ang mga tunay na basurero eh karamihan jan tahimik lang. 

Kaya yung mga hunghang jan na ang kapal ng mukhang ipagyabang na sila ay basurera at namumulot ng mga kasangkapan sa kalsada, itaga nyo sa bato hindi yan mga totoong tao. 

Yan ay mga manloloko... 

Pis bam sa lahat ng sang ayon"



Source: Mark Lopez

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VP Leni only reaps public’s ire for “basurera” stint VP Leni only reaps public’s ire for “basurera” stint Reviewed by Newsinfo Learn on June 27, 2017 Rating: 5

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  1. her daughter is enrolled in harvard in which her tuition fee is equivalent to millions of pesos in philippine money and she let her daughter ( if its true) use garbage from other people left in the streets??? this stupid VP still thinks that Filipinos are stupid like her.


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