Soc med warrior Chu lashes at Uson critics: “Walang naperwisyo o namatay sa pagkakamali ni Mocha”

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Krizette Chu wrote a sarcastic pieces aimed at Mocha Uson’s critics who have been demeaning and lashing at the latter for using the wrong photo in her message for Marawi soldiers.

Chu pointed out that memes of using images of the Marawi siege are being used to lambast Uson without the bashers realizing that they are seemingly making jest out of the current tragedy in the area.

The social media personality cited major news outlets as having used stock photos, such as the one Uson used, to relay or supplement their news stories.

“A wrong photo used is only dangerous if it causes misrepresentation,” Chu emphasized.

To contrast Uson’s mistaken post, Chu cited the major flaws of the previous administration such as the unsent and spoilt donations supposedly for Typhoon Yolanda victims, Former Justice Secretary Leila de Lima was an alleged drug lord protector, and the flawed Metro Rail Transit (MRT) 3, among others.

Chu went as far as explaining the use of symbolism by Uson’s photo and reiterated how inconsequential it is compared to the “symbolism of graft, corruption, and deadly indifference”.

Despite her support for Uson, some netizens had mistaken her sarcastic piece as Chu deciding to side with the Yellows and was degrading Uson for her post.

In the comments, Chu defended her stance against those who misunderstood her post even saying that those who did not catch her satire was free to leave because of “poor comprehension”.

In her full post on Facebook, Chu said,


Nakakatawa talaga si Mocha Uson at ang maling pag gamit niya ng word na symbolism.

PCOO pa naman siya hahahaha. Sobrang nakakatawa lahat ng meme na lumalabas making fun of her wrong word, nadamay na nga ang Marawi at ang mga sundalo natin sa mga memes e. At lit, some of us are having fun while people are suffering. Go guys, positivity, yey! Make fun of Mocha at the expense of Marawi YEY.

Kapalit ng pag hingi niya ng prayers for soldiers using a stock photo, may mga meme na sa Marawi. O di ba? Makapag meme kaya tayo pag dito sa Manila mangyari ang Maute takeover?

Anyway, Mocha PCOO ka pa naman. Halika dito, we can discuss figures of speech and other literary tools so next time you can choose a better word. (Tawag sa ginamit mo: Stock photo, hindi symbol. Lahat ng dyaryo magazines at web sites sa world, even advertisers, gumagamit ng stock photo. Kunyari, ang article title is I CHEATED ON MY WIFE WITH MY POWERFUL BOSS. Tapos may stock photo kang ginamit of a model looking sad, keri lang yun.)

A wrong photo used is only dangerous if it causes misrepresentation. Like for example, ang title ng article ko: SABA GROWERS REPORT A CERTAIN PEST CAUSED DRASTICALLY LOW HARVEST, tapos picture mo si De Lima, yon, misrepresentation yon tapos may malice.)

Pero wait, yung mga pagkakamali mo sa words and yung image na attachments--pareho kayo ng Inquirer, gumamit ng wrong photo. Kaya lang medyo mas mataas ang expectations ko sa kanila.

Parang kailan lang, naaalala ko na yung "pagkakamali" ng government officials natin, nakamamatay!

Nakakita ka na ng DSWD SECRETARY na pinabulok ang pagkain habang nagugutom ang mga typhoon survivors? Yung mali nya, nakamamatay!

Nakakakita ka na ng DOJ secretary na siya mismo ang drug lord protector?

Nakakakita ka na ng Budget secretary na mismong siya ang sumisira sa budget at nakasuhan pa ng graft?

Nakakita ka na ng Presidential Spokesperson na mahilig mang block ng dissent sa wall niya kasi di puwede mo tanungin, magagalit?

Nakakakita ka na ng DOTC chief na pinaglakad ang mga taong nakasakay sa tren sa riles? Tapos pinag kagastusan ng bilyon bilyon ang tren tapos mas palpak pa? Tapos pag humihingi ka ng tulong sa traffic, keri lang daw di naman daw fatal?

Nakakita ka na ng Agriculture Sec na mas pinanigan yung mga haciendero kesa sa mga farmers na dapat protektahan niya?

Andami pa, pero pagod na ako mag type.

Hmmm... come to think of it, I should be thanking the Universe na dinowngrade niya na ang mali ngayong admin, At least pala walang naperwisyo o namatay sa pagkakamali ni Mocha.


Improve ka na bes Mocha ha. Wag mo sila gayahin. Na tapos ang mga term na puro mali. Lahat tayo puwede pa naman mag improve kaya due diligence bes ha. Wag na magmadali mag post.

Wag kang gagaya sa last admin, yung BUONG GOBYERNO nila #SYMBOLISM lang, wala talagang nagawa sa tao.

Yan ang totoong #SYMBOLISM, mga bes. Symbol of work kuno, pero reality of graft, corruption, and deadly indifference naman ang totoong ganap.


Source: Krizette Laureta Chu Facebook account

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Soc med warrior Chu lashes at Uson critics: “Walang naperwisyo o namatay sa pagkakamali ni Mocha” Soc med warrior Chu lashes at Uson critics: “Walang naperwisyo o namatay sa pagkakamali ni Mocha” Reviewed by Newsinfo Learn on June 01, 2017 Rating: 5

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  1. I do agree with you Krizette. As a Government official, one should not assume that he/she can do what they wish because they can. it is good sometimes to pause for a while, and maybe' ask some people close to them, or a friend for something that might create ripple at sea, and later cause a Tsunami. While it is forgivable to think, that' Mocha had acted out of being over confident, probably forgetting the real nature of the Filipino majority, that seem lacking on information about things and events they should be aware of. Given that mocha made that fuzz' say out of comprehension to its possible repercussion, it would be easy to assume that it was the Netizens who overly reacted assuming that the Picture used by Mocha, was intended for farcical purposes. Well' Idon't think so. I've seen the video of that Same Photo mid last year...!


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