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He saw the headless bodies sprawled on the streets and he believes they are Christians, mercilessly slayed by the Maute group before the government can even swoop in and clash against the terrorist group.

"'Yung makita 'nyo sa daan, mga ulo at napugutan ng ulo. 'Yung mukha iba na. Kaya 'yun na nangamoy ang daan. Ewan ko sino ang mga 'yun. Christian ang mga 'yun," he said.

Abdul Moheming narrates about the clash between the military and the terrorist group, claiming that by the sounds alone he knew when there was a shootout, hovering choppers, and bombs being dropped.

He eagerly sought to witness the fight between the two factions in Basak Malutlut and even mentions his bravery as like that of some Maute members who are Maranaos like him, but on the 5th day he admits being overwhelmed.

"Sanay ako sa bakbakan. Kaso lang sobra na ito. Sira-sira na bahay doon. Ginamitan ng bomba, malalakas. Hindi na namin kayang pakinggan,” he said.

Moheming is one of the Marawi resident evacuees which compose 80% of the total population of the city that the Maute Group and a part of the Abu Sayyaf group have charged against in order to turn Marawi City into a caliphate.

"Nakakatakot din 'yun kapag nakikita mo 'yung nakita namin doon na wala nang ulo sa Malutlut. 'Yung unang bakbakan doon," Moheming said.

While Moheming admits that he is used to seeing wars waged in his area, he feels that this war between the government and the Maute have become too much to bear.

"Noon mga rido lang. Patay-patay lang sa daan. Ngayon nagsobra na ngayon," he said.

The violent clash is partly due to the private army group of the Maute that aided them in the fight which the military admits they were surprised to have encountered.

Moheming is increasingly anxious about the safety of his own village, Tuca, where he is currently residing because of the possibility that the Maute might use the area as an exit route.

Source: Rappler

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