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In war, death is inevitable. As government forces continue to fight off terrorists in Marawi City, the dead are remembered and honored for their sacrifices.

However, a netizen lashes at Liberal Party (LP) politicians for their insensitive bickering at President Rodrigo Duterte instead of uniting with the nation in honoring the fallen heroes of the Marawi clash.

Andrea Carigma posted on Facebook how the LP members shames the memory of dead soldiers by branding it as an “aftermath of Duterte's ill-conceived declaration of Martial Law".

The constant politicking of the opposition has gone against the force of the nation to unite in times of tragedy which Carigma views as an act of negating the sacrifices of the soldiers.

Carigma shares how Duterte’s authenticity and sincerity in grieving for the fallen heroes has strung the heartstrings of Filipinos.

Difficult times like war and terrorism, Carigma asserts, can reveal the true nature of public servants such as Duterte’s realness and the LP’s selfish interests.

In her full post on Facebook, Carigma said,

"Honestly speaking,

Bakit ang bastos ng mga LP affiliated politicians?

Ngayon naman ginagamit nila ang death ng soldiers - calling it an "aftermath of Duterte's ill-conceived declaration of Martial Law". 

Parang sinampal nyo naman ang kagitingan ng mga sundalo natin at binalewala ang sakripisyo nila para ipagtanggol ang bansa laban sa mga manlulupig. 

Funny, the president bares his sorrow and respect for the fallen soldiers and their loved ones - so sincere, that even we, the common Filipinos can feel his sincerity as we watch the video of how he was there at the arrival of the fallen - and then we see the "opposition" baring how out of touch they are with giving themselves and their service for this country. 

It is indeed in times of adversity when you get to see the true face of a public servant."

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