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President Rodrigo Duterte declared Martial Law in all of Mindanao but dissenting lawmakers have been eager to challenged his declaration on the basis of the 1987 Constitution, the same Constitution that provides for the President’s right to declare Martial Law.

Writer Jose Alejandrino expressed concern over citing the 1987 Constitution which he pointed out was crafted during the Cory Aquino administration where oligarchs and business tycoons were at the forefront of political interest.

Further, the dissenters of Duterte are using the “Cory” Constitution to bend the law to their will in order to serve their vested interests.

Alejandrino warned that if Filipinos remain “patient and complacent” it would lead to a “tragedy” of a nation full of “complacent and numb” citizens.

It took 375 years before Filipinos fought against the Spaniards and 20 years before the People Power. Duterte came into power 30 years after the People Power, but threats have come to the change he intends to bring.

Alejandrino cited corruption, illegal drugs, and terrorism as the hurdles of the current administration that calls on full support from the Filipinos.

In the repost by Butch Cabanban, Alejandrino said,


By Jose Alejandrino

Filipinos are a patient and complacent people. It took them 375 years since the discovery of the islands by Magellan before they rose against Spain. It took them 20 years before they rose at Edsa.

With the election of Rodrigo Duterte 30 years after Edsa, they now have another chance - most likely their last chance - to bring meaningful change. But a year after his election to the presidency, in addition to corruption and illegal drugs, he is now faced with the specter of terrorism. 

The enemies of the State, including those within the State, use the flawed Cory Constitution that was shaped to protect the interests of the ruling oligarchs and business interests, as a shield to block reforms and fight terrorism. That Constitution is being used as an instrument not to protect the people but to preserve their self-interests.

Today is the 119th anniversary of the declaration of Philippine independence. We claim to be independent. We claim to have recovered our liberty.

Liberty when a fourth of our people live in the bondage of poverty? Liberty when millions of our youth have become zombies due to intake of illegal drugs? Liberty when our political system is controlled by oligarchs and big business interests? Liberty when our soldiers and police are fighting and dying to protect the people from terrorism that has been encouraged from within the State? Liberty when our democracy has been twisted and prostituted to a facade to preserve the power and privileges of a few?

The Filipinos have become complacent and numb. Like the carabao, they have become accustomed to the beatings and abuses and sufferings they no longer feel anything. That is the tragedy of our people."

Source: Butch Cabanban

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