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With the surmounting cases being built against President Rodrigo Duterte, Solicitor General Jose Calida asserted that the yellows who planned it will pay for the destabilization they are causing.
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“There are obviously many attempts to bring down the President, which are part of a grand plan. Now, they are doing it before the international community to gather attention and sympathy,” Calida expressed.

He was citing the case of Atty. Jude Sabio, lawyer of self-confessed DDS hitman Edgar Matobato, who recently filed a case in the International Criminal Court (ICC) against Duterte and 11 other figures, including Calida, for crimes against humanity.

Calida suspects that yellows are behind these destabilization efforts.

“When they lost in the elections last year, these yellows are trying everything to bring down President Duterte. They just cannot accept defeat,” he alleged.
Calida quoted a bible phrase saying, ““I am now building the cases. To paraphrase a Bible verse, they who sow the wind shall reap the whirlwind.”

Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre II resonates with Calida’s sentiments believing that the ICC case is intended “to destabilize the Duterte administration by discrediting it before the international community.”

“I believe that somebody is behind them because they will not be so brazen in their actions if there is no one holding the strings, purse strings included, behind the scenes,” he added.

Aguirre further questions where the funds for the ICC complaint come from.

“Are these funders public officials at present? If yes, are they using the public funds of their offices to undermine the government? If yes, they should be investigated and be made accountable. If, on the other hand, the funding is private, then it is still an act of destabilization,” he said.

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