Lawyer and former Dean of ADMU backs Mocha Uson’s appointment to PCOO

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Former dean Ateneo de Manila University's School of Government came to Mocha Uson’s aide amid criticisms of her appointment as the Presidential Communications Operations Office (PCOO) Assistant Secretary.

Atty. Antonio "Tony" La Viña pointed out that Uson’s social media aptitude is useful for her the position because “alagang magagamit niya yung social media sa agenda ng Presidente.”

La Viña furthered that while many are protesting against paying for the salary of the likes of Uson, he explained that “yung position na yan is specifically for the President kasi talagang spokesperson siya ng President sa social media. Talagang hindi siya magse-serve sa atin na ordinary citizen. The Communications Office serves at the pleasure of the President, para sa agenda ng President.”

The former dean looked at the better side of Uson’s appointment despite her track record of “bad” speeches in the past because now "mas maganda na official na siya, kasi you can contest her officially and make her accountable.”

Uson had published a statement on her future plans as the new PCOO Assistant Secretary underscoring a closer communication platform with the masses and battling fake news.

"Ang ating pong tututukan ay ang mailapit ang mga ordinaryong Pilipino sa pamahalaan sa pamamagitan ng social media, at ma-idiretso ang TAMANG BALITA sa ating kababayan...," Uson said.

President Rodrigo Duterte himself justified his reason for appointing Uson citing that “she's bright. She's articulate ... And you can listen to her. You can debate with her. Tingnan mo ‘yung Facebook and she can have a very structured mind. So what’s the problem?"

Some netizens expressed concern over Uson’s past career as a sexy dancer, however, Duterte defended Uson.

“If it is just a matter of dancing, she was not dancing naked. She was with me during the campaign. A little bit sexier than the others. But that does not prevent anybody to deprive her of the honors that she deserves. It’s a matter of intellect,” Duterte said.

“Eh ‘yung pagsasayaw niya eh hanapbuhay ‘yan eh. That's hanapbuhay. There's no law which says that if you expose half of your body with a shorts and a bra, you are disqualified from being the President of the Philippines,” he added.

Despite the support, netizens still raged about Uson’s appointment. 
Twitter user Nat de Izquierdo said that “Mocha Uson's appointment is a disservice to everyone who actually had to study and work hard to learn the whole discipline of communication.”

De Izquierdo’s comment was concurred by Twitter user Lord Nicolas who sarcastically asked if the position has no other requirements needed besides running a blog. 

Nicolas also added that Uson’s appointment is a disgrace to communication scholars.

 “Communicators did not study countless comm theories and took all kinds of writing classes only for a Mocha Uson to land a job in the PCOO,” Nicolas said.


Source: GMA News Online

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