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Dear Transportation Asec,

Let me clarify a few things about driving, windshield design and use of gadget on the dashboard. Just so next time you get interviewed you can give some informed answers.

1. Driving entails the use of many of our body parts for a safe and productive effort.

We use our hands, feet, eyes, ears and brains to propel a half a ton compendium of steel, rubber, leather to bring us to a desired location.

Our feet decide the speed or when to stop, our hands decide where the car will go, our eyes tells us if it is safe and proper to move forward (or backward in case necessary), our ears to inform us of non visual cues like those behind us, and our brains to process all of these together and make a safe and informed decision every second of our driving experience.

An international study done by the American Highway safety board says taking our hands, eyes or feet off the instruments in our car that requires these organs is dangerous to the driver and everyone else on the road.

Take your eyes 3-seconds off the road at 60kph is like driving blind or with our eyes closed for more than four lengths of a basketball court.

Taking your hands off the steering wheel for 3-seconds may cause your car to veer of the road or hit a crossing car or person with you unable to react properly.

Taking your feet off the pedals, and believe me this is one big issue for American teens when cruise control was invented, for 3-seconds may cause you to crash into another vehicle in front of you because it took too long to hit your brakes.

Having an occupied mind while driving may distract you from the goings on in the road to appreciate the condition early enough to avoid an accident.

All of these contribute to a safe or unsafe form of driving habit.

2. Windshield is designed the way it is today because it allows a clear view into the highway by both the driver and the passenger.

The delineating line for visual clarity for a driver is the line crossing the middle of the rear view mirror vertically or from the roof line to the dashboard line.

This means the driver will see the road and the sidewalks clearly even if you cover the passenger side of the windshield. There is no distraction from the road view for the driver past the rear view mirror to the right of the windshield.

3. Gadgets on a dashboard has been proven by automobile engineers around the world to be safe as long as it is placed away from the direct view of the driver to the road.

This is why "heads up displays" are now the new fad in automobiles because it gives information to the driver without the having to take his eyes off the road.

Entertainment systems are not safe gadgets in a car as they require the driver to take his eyes off the road to manipulate. That is why there are car brands that have entertainment and cooling system controls angled towards the front passengers. It is the same reason why stereo controls have been placed on the steering wheel, so the driver does not need to take his hands off the wheel or eyes off the road.


Can you imagine having to peep under the steering wheel while driving along EDSA on rush hour. You'd crash into the car in front of you the fist tao of the break he does.

Besides all navigator devices and applications will not be operable of your car is moving and Waze will ask if you are driver or passenger before allowing you to proceed.

The law is sufficient without people like you having to interpret it in an idiotic way.

Please get some real experts to explain the intricacies of the new law and how it affects drivers.

Dash and windshield mounts are safe when located at the proper places of a car. Even the Europeans, Americans and Canadians, who have had this Anti Distracted Driving Law since 2002 allow dash and shield mounts for navigation devices.

I hope you guys do more studies before opening your mouths on national Media.

Distractedly yours,

Everyday driver on EDSA

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Journalist slams DOTr Asec: 'Do more studies before opening your mouths on national Media.' Journalist slams DOTr Asec: 'Do more studies before opening your mouths on national Media.' Reviewed by Newsinfo Learn on May 19, 2017 Rating: 5


  1. A Radar Detector for example WILL NEVER DISTRACT A DRIVER if properly placed on the Dash!

  2. Good article, my thoughts exactly. I wonder if our lawmakers will ever learn to start getting expert advice and doing research studies. It doesn't even look like they've done their own homework before jumping ahead thinking it's ok and people will like it, anything to give an impression on the voter that they're doing something useful, I guess.

  3. cant imagine or accept how this kind of law passed thru series of sessions without really seriously understanding the implications and stupidity it will cause.

  4. can somebody file a TRO on this stupid law

  5. I watched this interview in Umagang Kay Ganda, and one of the journalist defended the stupid answers made my DOTr Sec. and said, this law has already been passed even before the new DOTr Sec assume his office. That it is the stupidity of the past administration. Anyway, I hope they delay the implementation and do further study to know if this law solves any problem.

    1. FYI, the bill lapsed into law on July 21, 2016. Which means that the IRR was drafted by the present administration. They could have seen the flaws of the law and delay its implementation.

  6. the dashcam does not even require viewiing as its a recorder and is usually left unattended until the situation called for a review..

  7. they're beating around the bushes, why dont' they just ban uber and grab, instead of making these ridiculous laws to 'hinder' their operation? I've been to other countries, and i see a lot of mountings on dashboard, windshield, windows, visors, etc. just to keep their navigation within their line of sight with the road.

  8. people are buying more cars to be use as making profit for uber and grab that congest more roads in the metro while there are still tons abusive taxi's drivers as well, why not focus on these instead and study very hard what makes the metro so congested and stop thinking of stupid things like this which will become the laughing stock of other countries, so sad we are paying the taxes too high for such incompetent people geez.

  9. I wonder why anybody would expect a not stupid word coming out of a Duterte AdministrationMember? After all, they made some effort to find the dumbest and most illiterate to join the government.

  10. I do honestly believe that THIS PERSON (doesn't deserve to be called whatever title he has) is a total nutcase without any clue as to what he is saying. There are many things that needs to be addressed as far as congestion is concerned. This law will definitely not solve these horrendous issues.

  11. kaya di umaasenso pilipinas panay ISTUPIDO mga nasa gobyerno.

  12. mmm.... with so many experts here, why do have such "dumb" law approved. Drivers know that if they get distracted while driving, accidents is highly to occur. So why use cp and other gadgets when you know the risk involved? Why complain? Just be a responsible driver on the road.

  13. If I may add: Apps like GPS from a cp in a dashboard will guide the driver especially at night the condition of the road (sigzag or not) ahead.

  14. Right, the law is sufficient without a dutertard having to interpret it in idiotic way.

  15. utak biya! disciplined, knowledgeable drivers, dutiful enforces that upholds the law and not the "kotong" monies are most important...gamitin nyo naman isip nyo.

  16. Most pilipino drive with their head up their ass and their little dick in their hand. Everyone outside Failipines knows that....


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