CONFIRMED: Jim Paredes calls Mindanaons “taong bundok”

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Former singer/composer of APO Hiking Society Jim Paredes denied ever labeling people from Mindanao as “taong bundok” or people from the mountains which is considered a derogatory term, however netizen Edwin Jamora published proof of Paredes having said so.

Citing an anonymous but credible source, Jamora narrated that Paredes had changed his profile picture to detract any effort to trace back the statement to him. 

Jamora added that Paredes even changed group settings where he allegedly posted the controversial statement and did not deny it until two days later when he finally meted out necessary efforts to hide his identity.

The APO member claimed that it was merely a fake Facebook profile carrying his name that posted the “taong bundok” statement which he believes was an effort carried out by “desperate trolls”, but Jamora holds proof that it was really Paredes who said the term.

A screenshot of Paredes’ post reads:

Mga kabtaan nalang ba talaga ang hindi nakakalimot sa sinapit ng mg pilipino sa panahon ng martial law? Nakakalungkot isipin dahil yung mga matanda na kungo sino payung nakaranas sa hagip ng martial law sila payung nanahimik. Tapos yung mga taga Mindanao na taong bundok sila pa yung gusto na mag martial law dahil alam nila na hindi sila ang malalagay sa alanganin kundi kami taga luzon :) :)

Jamora publicized the screenshot along with the news that Paredes denies he posted the statement.

In his full post on Facebook, Jamora said,

"Update: I added the said post kung saan nahuli si Jim Paredes.
According to my reliable and anonymous source, yong pinost ni Jim Paredes about sa mga tiga-Mindanao na mga tiga-bundok ang mga to is ACTUALLY TRUE and HE ACTUALLY SAID IT! Then Jim Paredes changed his profile pic kaya he did not deny it until more than 2 days later! Nagbago muna nang pic at nang setting and that group is now private and secret."

Source: Edwin Jamora Facebook Post

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