Bato slams Drilon for calling him 'kanto boy'

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Philippine National Police Director General chief Ronald “Bato” Dela Rosa hits Senator Franklin Drilon remarks that the former acted like a 'kanto boy' when he defended the cops behind the 'secret jail in Manila Police District Station one.
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“They can call me a kanto boy, sabi nila kanto boy daw ang aking sagot sa tanong na iyon. Kanto boy, it’s okay with me. They can call me kanto boy. Totoo man talaga, naging kanto boy ako noon. Hindi lang ako nakapasok ng PMA, baka kanto boy ako hanggang ngayon. Okay lang, Call me kanto boy,” Dela Rosa said.

Bato said Drilon should not look down to 'kanto boys' because not all people hanging out in the streets are bad.

He also pointed out that not all rich and educated people are doing good things.

"But remember… hindi lahat ng kanto boy masasama. At hindi lahat ng mayayaman, learned, educated na mga tao, mabubuti. Wag mong ismolin ang isang taong kanto boy dahil hindi lahat ng kanto boy, masama,” he added.

Bato also explained that 'kanto boys' are the one who always responded first when there's an accidents in the streets.

“For all you know mamaya magkakaroon kayo ng vehicular accident diyan, ‘yung kanto boy pa makakasave ng buhay ninyo. ‘Wag niyong ismolin ang kanto boy,”

Yesterday, Senate Minority leader Franklin Drilon criticized PNP chief Dela Rosa after hearing his statements on the ‘Secret Jail’

“Parang kanto boy, parang hindi chief PNP,” Drilon said.

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