Martial Law was declared due to Rebels and China, not due to 'fascist' Marcos

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Communist Part of the Philippines (CPP) founder Jose Maria Sison was documented saying "we will force Marcos to declare martial law… People will rise up in arms when he finally shows his fascist face" which reveals that Martial Law under former President Ferdinand Marcos was provoked by the communist rebels and not by Marcos' need to perpetuate power as the Yellows have claimed.
Did Mao (center) and Communist Party chief Sison (right) provoke Marcos to impose martial law?

Manila Times writer Rigoberto Tiglao gave another intriguing historical expose, this time, one about the Martial Law which Tiglao explained was provoked by a shipment of weapons by China to CPP-New People's Army (NPA) to ready them for rebele attacks.

Tiglao quoted Senator Juan Ponce Enrile, who was a former Defense Secretary of Marcos and also one that brought down Marcos, saying “The most significant event that made President Marcos decide to declare martial law was the MV Karagatan [ship’s name – RDT] incident in July 1972. It was the turning point."

Enrile explained that the CPP-NPA-National Democratic Front (NDF) was sent "high powered rifles, ammunition, 40-millimeter rocket launchers, rocket projectiles, communications equipment, and other assorted war materials," to dock on the "Pacific side of Isabela in Cagayan Valley. "
Enrile (in leather jacket) inspecting the crates of Chinese-made M14s captured from the communists’ MV Karagatan.

Enrile said that Lieutenant Edgar Alipay, who became a Philippine National Police (PNP) chief 32 years later, led an eight-man team that intercepted the MV Karagatan. Lieutenant Arsenio Santos, who later became Enrile's aide and was suspected as one of the coup plotters against Marcos, led an Army platoon to protect Aglipay's team from around 300 NPA men on the site.

Eventually, the NPA retreated and the government was able to retrieve 1,000 M14 rifles and 166,000 rounds of bullets and magazines, and 564 rounds for 40-millimeter rocket launchers.

The CPP-NPA-NDF attempted again to ship arms with their MV andrea project, however this failed because the ship sank in the West Philippine Sea.

While Enrile said nothing about who sent for the weapons to the rebels in the Philippines, Tiglao said in his article that it came from "China, more precisely its Communist Party intelligence department headed by Kang Sheng, under orders of Mao Zedong himself."

The events pressured Marcos to counter the growing insurgency problem in the country that time. He enjoined his command conference to reasses all military plans, saying that, "I will not allow the problem to go out of control. I will nip it in the bud."

When Marcos called for a second command conference, he tasked them to prepare plans for the declaration of Martial Law.

Former ranking communists Mario Miclat disclosed that Sison had intended to pressure Marcos to declare Martial Law as part of their propaganda to project Marcos as someone "fascist".


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