Mark Lopez to Rappler CEO Ressa: "I don't intend to rape or murder you, you’re not worth it"

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After Rappler founder Maria Ressa said she is being threatened online by “online trolls”, some of these” trolls” came out to prove to her that they’re real.

Netizen Mark Lopez who introduced himself as a social media keyboard warrior argued Ressa’s claims that he is a troll.

Contrary to your ill-conceived notion, am not somebody's figment of imagination nor am I a hack who makes a living on trolling,” Lopez said.

He argues that just because Ressa feels superior to them because of her “journalism badge”, she has no right to claim ownership of the internet and consider Lopez’s likes as “bots and fakes’.

The stance people like Lopez take is one shaped by their belief in country and search for goodness, and not something propelled by money or sponsored by anyone.

In Ressa’s case, Lopez asserts, she acts in that way because she is “merely taking the cue from [her] elitists and hypocritical patrons and peers.”

Lopez readily offered to meet up with Ressa to prove he is not a bot.

In his full post on Facebook, Lopez said,

"Dear Maria Ressa,

Firstly, let me introduce myself. I am a socmed keyboard warrior. Contrary to your ill-conceived notion, am not somebody's figment of imagination nor am I a hack who makes a living on trolling.

I am a fellow Filipino, genuine flesh and blood, perhaps gifted or cursed with a little discernment and the ability to espouse them.

Social media has given me the platform that no other form of communication can manage to accomplish - empower ordinary citizens to really voice their thoughts, feelings, aspirations, and most often, desperations.

Perhaps in your arrogance and assuming superiority because of your journalism badge, when you have the temerity to even claim ownership of the internet, you easily dismiss us as bots and fakes.

Or maybe you really wont recognize our evolution, and our revolution simply because it does not serve your actual agenda.

Even as you claim to be a trailblazer in social media, you still would want to insist that this sheer power of our collective voice is nothing but an army of fake news purveyors that are being remotely controlled.

Perhaps the difficulty lay in how you are simply overwhelmed, outnumbered and so overpowered by truth, logic, common sense and genuine concern by ordinary folks for this benighted country of ours.

Thus, your denial.

Frankly, it is no longer surprising when you proselytize in this manner. After all, you are merely taking the cue from your elitists and hypocritical patrons and peers.

Still, I feel insulted.

Not because you insist and you propagandize that millions like me are being paid or manipulated, but because of the fact that WE KNOW how you are trying to manipulate us.

You see Ressa, most of us ordinary peeps in social media are actually in it because we believe in something, and are in constant search of purpose and goodness. We are in this for our country!

The problem is, we are flooded constantly by you and your organizations's disgusting way of peddling lies and spinning the news, and so we really have no choice but to untangle and unravel who the F you really are!

If you want Ressa, I am willing to meet up with you, prove to you am no bot, and tell you how I really feel right smack into your despicable matter which most of us call as face.

I am willing to prove to you that my trolling and my ranting is not being paid or sponsored by anyone.

Because my enmity with you, your org, and what you represent and what you try to defend and propagate, is not something that was influenced, suggested or pointed out by someone else.

It came from within.

And frankly my dear, I do give a damn when you say we are fake.
Because we're not.

And nope, I don't intend nor have any thought of raping or murdering you. Nor would I threaten you with such.

You're not worth it."


Source: Mark Lopez

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Mark Lopez to Rappler CEO Ressa: "I don't intend to rape or murder you, you’re not worth it" Mark Lopez to Rappler CEO Ressa: "I don't intend to rape or murder you, you’re not worth it" Reviewed by Newsinfo Learn on April 29, 2017 Rating: 5


  1. Rappler thinks that DDS had a fake fb account we are the people who are tired and sick for a kind of people like you

  2. garapal ang puta! sino nman magka interes sa pangit mong yan kahit social na unggoy di ka papatusin! yellowtae nga talaga utak mo nasobrahan ng shabu!


  4. They're so pained to admit that at this period of time they can no longer monopolize the media entertainment, news and opinions. In the old days, these media bastards will feed us, ordinary citizens, with their opinions and we do not have the venue to voice our agreement or disagreement with their, most of the time, exaggerated, if not twisted, news or opinion.

    This time we can be heard and we can react instantly to their perversions! And this time they knew that they're not the only ones who's got opinions. They're not the only ones who understand the issues discussed at hand. And, they don't like it at all.

    So, they'll call us fakes. But we assure them that we're not. We are simply an ordinary citizen who give a F**k to what these bastards are trying to force-feed us because the time has already come when we will no longer sit still and accept everything they say.

    The media no longer have the monopoly of the news, entertainment and the opinion on the issues. Live with it Ressa. Else, lalo kang papangit dahil sa stress. :-)

  5. Its not whether she's worth raping...Her detractors are missing the point ...which is that she gets loads of threats and insults from Duterte supporters for any perceived negative reports about their idol. They also prove her point by insulting her again in the comments.

    1. Probably she's doing a biased journalism. She is known for that. Maybe she also needs to respect other opinions to beget respect. Internet/social media is everywhere. They can no longer force feed the news or their opinions because tv news or newspaper features are no longer limited to the tv or newspapers. News are everywhere in seconds. Communications is just mere seconds that's why silent voters/majority of filipinos voiced out their voices within themselves, voices that are not being paid, voices that are not employed by tv stations nor newspaper corps. That's a reality in our lives now. But how about her/them? They are basically voicing out what the networks has paid them to do. Yes, that's what they are, paid employees doing their jobs. Disappointing, isn't it?

  6. Look at the comment old lady duling we swarm and u cannot manipulate us. We are real supporting the President and fighting the true trolls like u who only knows destabilizing the country by ur twisted news....CoRappler Ressa Duling Trolls Putang ina ka..



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