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A netizen narrated an account of when President Rodrigo Duterte was the only person she could run to for help when her daughter’s life hung on the line. 

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Back when he was still Davao City Mayor, Duterte offered cash for a young couple whose daughter’s life was endangered after complications in her Caesarian section birth.

One of the medicines prescribed to the daughter of Joy and Ruel Tagolgol was Beractant which costs around Php 11,000 per vial that time. They were required to have two vials on the day.

The young couple were financial unprepared, as Joy narrated on Facebook, which prompted Ruel to seek help from relatives. None could help them.

And so, after he overheard it from another patient, Ruel hurried to the Davao City Hall to seek help from Duterte himself.

However, when he got there he was anxious if he would be helped because one, he was not yet a registered voter of Davao City, and two, there was a very long line of people also seeking help from the mayor.

Ruel approached the mayor’s secretary and relayed the urgency of his problem. At the mention of Beractant, the secretary hurried over to the mayor’s office. The secretary came back with an envelope full of cash that covered the payment for two vials of Beractant and all the other medications needed by his wife and their newborn.

In her full post on Facebook, Joy narrated,

"January 14, 2004 – Davao City

8:00 AM

A young father stared at the prescription he was holding anxiously, beads of perspiration starting to form on his forehead.  The list of medicine was long but the word Beractant scribbled in the physician’s almost unreadable handwriting stood out from the list.  After all, it was underlined and the doctor reiterated that he should get that medicine right away or else, he might lose his daughter, delivered via C-section (they were not financially prepared for this) just a few minutes ago.  The doctor has already left but he could still hear her voice in his head. “Kinahanglan ug 2 vials imong anak ani Sir.  Ang usa ka vial is more or less 11,000.  ASAP jud ni kinahanglan Sir ha? Ayaw jud paglangay kay ang kinabuhi sa imong anak nakadepende aning tambal.” (Your daughter needs two vials of this (Beractant). A vial costs about 11,000 pesos. This is needed ASAP so don’t delay because the life of your daughter’s life depends on this.) 

8:15 AM

He opened his wallet and found a lone 500 peso bill, the last of his savings. He made a few phone calls asking family and friends for a loan but they either say they don't have money to spare or outright turned him down.  

8:45 AM

The young father was desperate.   His wife was still in the recovery room and she too has a set of prescriptions but her doctor said it could wait.  The baby’s medications have to be prioritized. He was pacing back and forth trying to think of a way to come up with money when he saw a woman rushing to the OR.  He didn’t mean to eavesdrop but he heard it anyway. Thank God he heard it. “Doc naa na ang tambal. Maayo lang kay gitabangan mi ni Mayor Duterte.” (Doc, here’s the medicine. Good thing Mayor Duterte helped us.) The young father’s sunken spirit liven up with what he heard and rushed out of the hospital to go to the city hall

9:00 AM

While he was in the jeepney, he remembered that he is not a registered voter of Davao City.  What if they turn him down?  He has heard stories where government officials ask for people’s voter’s IDs first before they give help. But he has to give it a try.  Mayor Duterte is his last hope.

10:30 AM

The line of people queuing to visit the Mayor’s office was long. It was VERY long. Should he just leave and try to find help elsewhere? But he has tried asking everyone he and his wife knows but to no avail.  He whispered a prayer and approached the personnel’s table outside the mayor’s door.  “Ma’am, pasensya na kung nagcutting ko ha?  Pero emergency man gud ni Ma’am. Kinahanglan dayun ni sa akong anak nga tambal Ma’am ba.” (Ma’am, my apologies if I went ahead of the others. But this is an emergency.  My daughter needs this medicine the soonest.) The personnel looked at the prescription and said “Ah, Beractant! Okay wait lang. Receta pud nang isa ka papel? Ambi na.” (Ah, Beractant! Okay wait. Is the other paper a prescription too?  Give it here.) She proceeded to the closed office and came out after 10 minutes with an envelope in her right hand and a paper bag in her left.  “Naa ang kwarta diha ug ang receta sa envelope. Kani pagkaon para di na ka magpalit ug paniudto ingun ni Mayor.” (The money and prescription are there in the envelope. Here’s food so you don’t have to buy lunch anymore the mayor said.) The young father peeked at the envelope and was stupefied for a moment.  The amount he saw was more than the cost of two vials of Beractant. It was enough to cover all his daughter’s medications and his wife’s too! “Hoy lakaw na padali kay kinahanglan dayun na ihatag sa imong anak ang tambal!” (Hey, hurry and leave. (Your daughter needs to be given that medication right away.) He looked at the mayor’s personnel with grateful tears. “Thank you kaayo Ma’am ha? Salamat jud kaayo!” (Thank you very much Ma’am. Thank you so much!) The lady just smiled and said, “Kang Mayor Duterte ka magthank you pero sunod na kay naa pa sya’y meeting.” (It’s Mayor Duterte you should thank but you have to do it later since he’s still in a meeting.)

5:45 PM

He looked at his wife who was lovingly carrying their daughter in her arms and breathed a prayer of thanks to God.  “Someday Mayor Duterte, I will be able to thank you for your kindness. I was nobody, not even a voter of Davao yet you allowed your secretary to disturb you in a meeting because I needed help.”  The young father mused to himself. 

April 25, 2016

When all others have turned my husband down (yes, Ruel Tags was the young father) Mayor Rodrigo Duterte was the only one who helped us.  I want a president I can turn to when everyone else can’t and won’t be there for me.  I want a president that will listen to me even if there’s an important meeting going on. I want a president that can see my greater need, not only the one I’m asking for.  We personally experienced that with Mayor Rodrigo Duterte and he’s the only presidential candidate I can entrust my daughter’s future with. Say all ill things you can come up with against him, but as for me, I will stand tall and proud as I raise my fist high in the air. I am for Duterte, I am for change."

Source: Facebook.com

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  1. Graveee.!!!..as in grabe, unbelievable for some, but, nothing is impossible, for a man with compassionate heart, ready to help without question, but, for humanity..and a man whom we can turn to, in time of desperate needs...NEVER LISTEN TO HIS FOUL WORDS, BUT, HIS ACTIONS , GOOD DEEDS, AND ACHIEVEMENTS...NOW, AS A PRESIDENT OF THE NATION, PRES..RODRIGO ROA DUTERTE, IS NOT JUST A GREAT LEADER, BUT A GREAT FATHER ALL FILIPINOS AND OF OUR NATION. GOD BLESS TATAY DIGONG, HAVE A GOOD HEALTH ALWAYS AND TAKE CARE ALWAYS. WE ARE ALWAYS BEHIND YOU AND GOD BE WITH YOU. MABUHAY..!!!

  2. I'm proud, he is our President!

  3. Thank you for sharing your experience... he may have foul mouths that sometimes i condemned but i salute his honesty and passion and actions for the love of his country unlike some politicians with beautiful words and promises to sweeten you but remember diplomatic words spoken in air were diplomatic actions in air...#thoughts flowing#

    1. Yeah..truly agree with you...hope his actions remains,that will resonate for next leader whoever that will be,and as servant with integrity, and best interest for filipino people, preserve and safeguard the country..

  4. Wow. I am speechless, Mr.President.


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