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President Rodrigo Duterte exclaimed his full support for “an ideal country” saying that “now is the time to do it, now is the time to work for it”, as narrated by the Digong My Labs blog run by Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) Assistant Secretary Lorraine Badoy.

In her blog, Badoy spoke of the “hearty applause” all the attendees during Duterte’s speech in Malacañang gave which Badoy understood as many Filipinos “raring to get our country back in shape”, a feat she has witnessed while working in DSWD where she came across “amazingly good public servants who serve with passion and faithfulness and yes, courage.”

The secretary openly expressed how she had “despaired” to have a president like Duterte in power, instead of other “namby pamby presidents” who does not have a heart for the poor or sees their selves as the poor’s defender. She regarded Duterte as an “incorruptible” president with a “political will of steel”.

“He is why I have left my comfortable life and am in government and why I fight the good fight,” Badoy said adding that “this [is the] fight that we’ve been losing –on no small account because of the bumbling, greedy-as-hell presidents we’ve had in the past.”

She urged the Filipinos to “join hands with the government and turn the tide for our country” since the Presidnet has given his “full backing” for the betterment of the Philippines.

Badoy also shared a private, kilig moment with the President after the latter’s speech.

“After his speech, my buddy at the DSWD, whiz kid, Asst Sec Anton Hernandez said, “Tita, parang ginawa nya yung speech para sayo.” Haha..” Badoy narrated.

“And when it was our turn to have our picture taken with the President, I was behind him, he turned and looked at me with the kindest eyes that I couldn’t help but touch his face with both my hands. And kissed him. I whispered “Thank you, sir.” She added and even exclaimed how it was like a “love scene” to her.

Source: Digongmylabs.wordpress.com

Duterte is incorruptible, political will of steel unlike other presidents - Badoy  Duterte is incorruptible, political will of steel unlike other presidents - Badoy Reviewed by Newsinfo Learn on April 01, 2017 Rating: 5


  1. This but proves what a sychopant and bootlicker this Badoy is, who with other sychopants and bootlickers gave Duterte a hearty applause, just because of his motherhood statement of making the Philippines an ideal country and back in shape. But as to how that will be done, Badoy does not explain at all. Badoy has likewise compromised herself in disclosing that she is another trapo or tradpole (traditional politician) who considers and allegedly "incorruptible" President as our savior. We have to fight against corruption. But let us realize that the issue is not only that the incumbent official is corrupt and needs to be replaced by an "incorruptible President. This has been our sad history everytime there is an election: the one running against the incumbent says, "Magnanakaw ang nasa gobyerno, iboto niyo ako". Then the next election is held and the challenger has the same call, "Magnanakaw ang nasa gobyerno, iboto niyo ako". We fall into the trap of traditional politics, if we debate only on whether a certain candidate is corrupt or not or is engaged in corrupt practices. We have to realize that corruption is systemic. How many morally upright men, once in power end up becoming corrupted by the system and this Badoy says that Duterte cannot be corrupted at all by the system. We thus need to elect people who are not only morally upright but who have a clear program of government that will address the root causes of corruption like lack of transparency in government transactions and lack of people's participation in decision-making. To this very late date we have not heard from Duterte, how exactly he intends to address the root causes of corruption. Duterte won because of his promise of change. We indeed need change. But we still have to hear what change exactly Duterte has in mind for this Badoy to praise him to high heavens calling him "incorruptible". Secondly, we have to realize that corruption is only an aggravating factor and is not the root cause of our people's poverty. Just try to imagine a government that does not steal at all yet land remains concentrated in the hands of a few; education remains the privilege of a few; workers remain exploited and paid starvation wages, the Philippines remains an agricultural country and continues to fail to industrialize, so our people are condemned to be perrenial OFWs; people remain powerless, without any meaningful participation in decision making. An incorruptible President does not guarantee that the Philippines will become an ideal country.How possibly can our country become ideal when honest government officials like DA Secretary Piñol feel that he still has to find windmills as his efforts to advance programs that will uplift our farmers who constitute the majority of our people are being frustrated by the dominant faction in the Duterte administration which promotes elite interest and thus will just perpetuate the unjust and exploitative social order now existing in the Philippines.


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