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Senator Leila De Lima’s lawyer disclosed that the senator was unable to sign her petition to the Supreme Court (SC) in person before notary public Maria Cecile Tresvalles-Cabalo.
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"Due to the fact of the conditions of incarceration that petitioner was suffering on that day, the act of signing was not done face to face with notary," De Lima’s lawyer explained.

Her lawyer added that despite De Lima’s absence, the signed petition was immediately shown to her after it was signed.

“Despite these uncertainties, the notary public still took the additional step to verify the signature of the petitioner by asking for her proof of identification from her staffers," the senator’s lawyer assured.

These recent clarifications are contrary to what former Solicitor General Florin Hilbay, who represented the senator during the oral arguments on her petition, claims that De Lima managed to sign the petition herself in front of Cabalo. This is false based on the recent testimony of the senator’s lawyer.

Solicitor General Jose Calida argued that De Lima’s petition is dismissible on the grounds that it had violated Section 6 of the 2004 Rules of Notarial Practice.

De Lima thwarted these allegations of her falsifying her government and she even cleared out that “She seeks only the fundamental right of every citizen to invoke the Constitution as shield and sword against government abuse," and not that she is seeing for special treatment.

She believes the only special treatment she is getting is having her petition dismissed on grounds that the government is willingly using power to “pin her [De Lima] down.”

Calida added that the senator’s petition is also dismissible on grounds of forum shopping and violation of hierarchy of courts.


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