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In a controversial video released by the Dayaan Matuwid Facebook page, a scandal brews as former President Cory Aquino and her family has been shown to be very close with SMARTMATIC owner Lord Mark Malloch-Brown.

Photo credits: The Kahimyang Project & Renegade Tribune

Brown was formerly the media adviser and speech writer of Cory during the latter’s presidency. In a past TV interview in ANC, Brown was documented saying, “[I have] devoted pretty much all my career to working on the promotion of democracy in elections, I was the adviser here in the Philippines to Cory Aquino.”

During the snap elections back in 1986, Brown guised himself as a foreign correspondent when the first People Power Revolution broke out. He was also held responsible for effectuating a clever propaganda strategy for Cory that involved the “yellow ribbon” and “demonization of [Ferdinand] Marcos.”

Brown’s company, SMARTMATIC, is muddled in many big controversies as well. 

The video showed how their election technology failed several test runs and even actual elections which is why it is frowned upon by Europe, US, and even its own hometown where it was founded, Venezuela.

Chicago blacklisted SMARTMATIC after its “fiasco” during their 2006 elections. The US has also blasted the company for its utter failure during one of their electoral processes. SMARTMATIC was being probed then by the US government, but they refused to collaborate.

The reason why SMARTMATIC has continued to survive despite these backlashes is because it has “won millions of hundreds of contracts since 2004 mainly from unaccountable governance of underdeveloped countries where democratic tenets such as free and fair elections, transparency, and checks and balances are completely and utterly disregarded,” as narrated in the video.

It comes as no surprising coincidence that when former President Benigno Aquino III won the 2010 presidential elections, he was also the first president to win during an automated voting system introduced by SMARTMATIC.

Political analyst Alek Boyd said this of the company, “SMARTMATIC is a private company specifically created for intentional manipulation of electoral rules.”

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