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United Nations (UN) has once again called the attention of President Rodrigo Duterte on his war on drugs asking him to stop the campaign due to the alleged 7,000 killings linked to the drug war.
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UN special rapporteur on extrajudicial killings Agnes Callamard said that the prominent drug war in the country has made the Philippines one of the worst places outside of conflict situations.

Callamard was previously challenged by Duterte to a public debate on the issue. She was also supposed to look into the alleged extrajudicial killings in the country, however, Callamard has pursued neither because she claims it violates the UN Human Rights Council’s code of conduct.

 "For me to be able to conduct my investigation into the, including public debate with the president, I have clearly explained on multiple occasions why those conditions are violating the code of conduct that was adopted by the member states of the United Nations and why those conditions are also going against the spirit and the principles of an investigation including the respect for the victims, the respect for due process and respect for the rule of law," Callamard explains.

However, she continues to assert that the drug war is not a solution to the illegal drug crisis in the country. She also pointed out that these drug criminals must also be seen as humans.

"They are just portrayed as supposedly drug pushers or drug addicts. They are not fathers, they are not sons, they are not people who had a dream. They are just described as drug addicts and therefore people who could be killed," she said.

This practice tends to incite violence which Callamard said should be prohibited.

"Again I call to him, as president, your statements carry so much weight. You cannot call on anyone kill anyone else. You cannot deny people the right to life," Callamard said.

She suggests that the current administration must listen to expert opinions in dealing with the drug problem in the country.

Source: Philstar.com

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  1. If callamard be gang drug addicts raped & dumped in a sewage,so she might say it's inhuman & horrific crime done to her & wish the death for what they done to her.

  2. Stay out of our country Callamard. You don't know what's really happening. You are just listening to the corrupt politicians who were responsible to the spread of crimes and drug addicts that our President is trying to eliminate.


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