Open Letter to International Media: DO NOT KILL US WITH YOUR IGNORANCE & BIASES.

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An Open Letter to International Media
by Dane Christian Pido Morena

"To those of you who are relentlessly attacking, condemning, mocking, and portraying our President Rodrigo Duterte as a heartless mass murderer—
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The war he waged is not against humanity. It is a war against illegal drugs and criminality to consequently protect humanity. Understand the difference.


LISTEN to the millions of Filipinos who have witnessed and have gone tired of all the injustice, incompetence, extreme inequality, and increased crimes due to poverty & narco-politics most prevalent during the previous administration.

FIND OUT why millions of Filipinos worldwide are out to defend this leader which has been the subject of your unjust & ill-informed news and opinions.

SEE the smile on our faces.

FEEL the hope in our hearts.

That, at last, we’ve found a genuine leader who truly cares for the people—a leader unbound, unafraid, and uncompromised.

That, at last, we have a leader who’s truly determined to protect the good and the law abiding citizens—a leader who’s bold enough to fight the organized crime syndicates and crush narcopolitics.

For the first time in the history of our country, we have a true patriot for a President—one who is willing to kill or be killed for the good of our country, for the benefit of our children and our children’s children.


DO NOT KILL OUR HOPES. Do not take away this hope. Not this time. Not from the millions of Filipinos who were abused and taken for granted for so long and who have found their voice in this new leader.

Do not kill our chance to rebuild our nation and provide a safer and brighter future for the next generation.

Open Letter to International Media: DO NOT KILL US WITH YOUR IGNORANCE & BIASES. Open Letter to International Media: DO NOT KILL US WITH YOUR IGNORANCE & BIASES. Reviewed by Newsinfo Learn on March 17, 2017 Rating: 5


  1. This also Applies to Australian M of F A, stay out & FIX your Own TWISTED GOVERNMENT

    1. why are you saying this? Bishop is not interferring with the Philippine government. What is your problem?

    2. BISHOPS here in the Philippines are acting like SATANISTS who are pprotecting the lives of EVIL DOERS and CRIMINALS instead... when a CRIMINAL IS SHOT dead...they make noise... when an INNOCENT VICTIM falls rey to a CRIMINAL they turn a deaf ear. Now Im starting to believe that CHRISTIANITY is a BIG HOAX AND A LIE!

  2. *****

    YES ! DO NOT DESTROY OUR LAST CHANCE AND HOPE ... WE, the Pilipino people were chained for long long time and suppressed by the old and dirty politicians.

    It is our justifiable right to free from the bondage of "NARCO-POLITIC, free from the hands of the OLIGARCHS and free from POVERTY.

    DUTERTE, is our last hope for being the best, sincere and honest leader of our nation. His works is for the interest of the entire Pilipino nation.

    Please, instead of attacking him, help him for the sake of us Pilipino.


  3. Filipinos turned to Duterte for an answer to eliminate drugs, criminality, corruption and poverty. Filipinos needed a leader to accomplish their dreams of safer, better and progressive Philippines. God gave them Duterte. Dreams don’t come pretty, they don’t come clean, and they sure as hell don’t come simple. Yet the dreams are now coming true.

  4. Duterte is our pilot. Let him do his job and commitment to bring us to where Filipinos deserve to be. We trust him, we believe in his sincerity and care for his people. We do not need fake leaders who only think of their political ambitions. We need change. We our President!


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