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World-renowned New York Times published an article written by Richard Paddock on March 21, 2017 (Tuesday) that ran the headline “Becoming Duterte: The Making of a Philippine Strongman” which detailed life snippets, strong statements, interviews by relatives and acquaintances, and painted an image of a killer-savior President Rodrigo Duterte.
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The article highlighted the spate of killings under the Duterte administration although it also claimed that the figures are hard to prove and not specific cases could be cited.

Additionally, the article used erroneous statistics by reusing the 7,000 number to attribute it to deaths due to police operations on illegal drugs which is already being lobbied as a false data spread by Rappler.

The Manila Times editorial made a strong stand against Paddock who authored the article, citing that his use of wrong figures amounts to Paddock being an “unbelievably lazy…journalist.”

“He [Paddock] will not validate any of his allegations with serious fact-checking. No one corroborates his grisly tales,” the article further criticized.

Paddock’s story also contrasted the killings between Duterte and former President Ferdinand Marcos.

“For instance, he [Paddock] claims that in nine months. President Duterte has exceeded the number of killings during the 20-year rule of President Ferdinand Marcos — by claiming that there are now over 7,000 killings under Duterte, while there were 3,600 under Marcos,” the article explained.

“The numbers are wrong with both Presidents. Both statistics are false and have not been validated by fact-checking,” the article added.

Manila Times made a disclaimer saying that their criticism of Paddock and New York Times “is not a defense of President Duterte and his war on drugs (which the Manila Times has squarely criticized on several occasions). This is rather a call for better and fact-checked journalism.”

Manila Times asserts that Paddock and New York Times have contributed to the dissemination fake news and false ideas about the President.


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    1. Pls. copy and paste the links to another tab in order to read it. Thanks...


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