#NagaLeaks: VP Leni’s late husband linked to gambling, hidden wealth, death of former Naga councilor

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The disappearance of former Naga City Councilor Emilio Aguinaldo after he became a fierce and active critic of former and late Naga City Mayor Jesse Robredo remains a mystery but is only through the recent Naga leaks are the links established.

The Naga leaks are a series of articles on the political history and truth about Vice President Leni Robredo’s late husband entitled “Deception: The Shocking Truth behind Leni and Jesse Robredo Part 1” published in the We Are Collective blog.

It revealed that through highly effective branding and PR strategies, Jesse was able to win political dominance over Naga City. He handpicked his council and it has gone unopposed throughout his term. His council would be chosen on the basis of their credentials and, above all, loyalty to his interests.

One of the councilors during Jesse’s term was Fiel Rosales who was reputed to be a “natural politician” and the “most popular” among the councilors; however he was a drug addict. Despite this flaw, “Fiel kept on with his work, even impressing his boss so much that he was given important committee chairmanships. He became fiercely loyal to Jesse and in return his loyalty was rewarded with tolerance.”

Eventually, Jesse’s tolerance of Rosales’ drug addiction extended to when Rosales started dealing drugs.  No proof could be shown that Jesse reprimanded Rosales for his drug dealings, but it is confirmed that he did tolerate it at the very least. Jesse tolerated his council for as long as they remained “docile and subservient” to him, a treatment Aguinaldo gradually grew critical of.

Aguinaldo was expectedly dealt with by Jesse, and by the end of the former’s term, he was effectively removed from office. As a result, Aguinaldo ran to the opposition which was headed by Jesse’s uncle, Luis Villafuerte.

With the opposition’s support, Aguinaldo was able to file several cases against Jesse. Aguinaldo “exposed Jesse's anomalies in the media and filed dozens of cases against him. Graft cases in the Ombudsman that numbered more than 50. He scoured the earth for Jesse's alleged hidden properties and established paper trails to prove his case.”

Aguinaldo amassed enough evidence to file Jesse for anomalous deals, hidden properties, and links to the illegal gambling trade, jueteng. The article details that Jesse was confronted with several allegations, “among them that he received Jueteng payola from the first cousin of his wife Leni, a certain Alex Tang. Another report had it that his brother Butch had some business dealings with Charlie “Atong” Ang, the disgraced gambling adviser of former President Joseph Estrada. Included among the cases filed by Aguinaldo was the questionable construction of the Naga City Coliseum, an architectural monstrosity which was ironically named after him when he died.”

As the documents started to pile up and reveal more proof, Jesse started to act in order to protect his reputation. Francisco "Pokoy" Felizmenio, OIC of the Fact Finding Bureau in the Office of the Ombudsman at that time, was a good friend of Jesse and proved instrumental in delaying the cases filed by Aguinaldo to the Ombudsman.

The worst and most mysterious case to meet Aguinaldo was when he suddenly disappeared on June 8, 2008 just when he was on his way to Manila to follow up the dragging cases he filed to the Ombudsman. Aguinaldo’s wife, Marina, asserted that he did not just disappear, however she was “afraid to ask questions since Robredo is in the DILG.”

Aguinaldo’s criticisms and cases against Jesse proved him a feisty opposition and in the realm of politics, even in highly reputed Naga City, conflict of interest abound. “Like any other local political chieftain, he [Jesse] had a go-to guy whenever he needed some dirty stuff taken care of,” and this was in the person of Juanito “Totoy” Ona.

He is the number one most wanted criminal in Camarines Sur, notorious as a hired assassin, and proved extremely useful to Jesse in times of dire need. Ona enjoyed the privilege of impunity and political protection as he conducted several robberies and hold ups that went unhampered.

Ona was “previously arrested in March of 2011 through three warrants of arrest issued by local courts for two counts of murder and one count of robbery, the article said. But Ona managed to walk free when the murder cases were dismissed and he posted bail for the robbery case.” These were all during the time Jesse was the DILG Secretary.

When Jesse died on September 2012, Ona gets arrested for the second time by the CIDG.

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