Ex-UN assembly delegate hits Robredo for 'misrepresenting' Filipinos

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Vice President Leni Robredo’s appeal to the United Nations (UN) Commission on Narcotic Drugs during the commission’s 60th annual meeting received heavy criticisms due to its “brazen lies” and “irresponsible and unfounded claims” as said by a former UN General Assembly delegate.
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Michael Francis Acebedo Lopez said that the Vice President’s message to the UN “wantonly painted an impossibly grim image of the Philippine situation if only to attract international attention and action with unfounded claims and unsubstantiated allegations.”

Lopez asserts that with Robredo’s rash statements she “has not only embarrassed our country, she has betrayed the public trust and committed economic sabotage, both punishable under Philippine laws.”

Robredo claimed that drug operations integrated a palit-ulo scheme, rendered 7,000 killed, and the Filipinos feel “hopeless and helpless” because of the state of the country under President Rodrigo Duterte.

“Confidence in the presidency is at an all-time high (while the same cannot be said of the vice president whose approval ratings continue to plummet). As a people, we feel hopeful and empowered like we’ve never felt before,” Lopez asserted even adding that Robredo failed to contextualize the 7,000 drug-related deaths “against the backdrop of around 700,000 to one million successful arrests and surrenders. So the figure she presents to you is not even 1 percent.”

Robredo’s message has inevitably elicited international response, however, Lopez urged international groups to “tread carefully, lest it encroaches on our very sovereignty and our right to self-determination. And as a sovereign state, we have determined to wage an internal war (not a war against another nation) against the evils of drugs, a direction affirmed by our democratic processes when President Duterte, who included the war on drugs as one of his main programs of action, received an overwhelming mandate during the May 2016 Presidential Election. In short, the war on drugs, by extension, has the people’s mandate.”

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Lopez further emphasized to the international community “to disregard the Philippine Vice President’s statement which is, I reiterate, a grave misrepresentation of the prevailing sentiments of our people and a gross perversion of the facts surrounding the war on drugs.”

He added that if Robredo really had such concerns about the country, she would have addressed it to proper Philippine authorities instead of tattling to international bodies.

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“To my fellow Filipinos, let us remain vigilant in the face of threats to our democracy by the very people who claim to defend it,” Lopez added.

Source: Sunstar

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