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European Union (EU) retorted Department of Social Welfare and Development Assistant Secretary Lorraine Badoy’s statements on child porn saying that it is an “extremely serious and grave crime” that should be addressed accordingly.

This was after Badoy posted on social media "tapos yung mga taga EU, mag online child porn muna kayo. Dyan naman kayo magaling eh. (Wow. Uproar.)” as a response to the EU’s persistent meddling and criticisms against President Rodrigo Duterte whom Badoy supports.

"The issue of child pornography is extremely serious and a grave crime. It should be addressed in a serious and responsible manner," was the retort of EU Ambassador to the Philippines Franz Jessen.

Despite these feedbacks against Badoy, Social Welfare Secretary Judy Taguiwalo defended Badoy’s stance and referred to the latter’s post on social media as a simple issue that was “blown out of proportion”.

"I feel that this issue has been twisted out of context and sensationalized,” Taguiwalo expressed even stating that for whatever purpose Badoy’s statements were sensationalized, “we don’t know”.

Taguiwalo attested to Badoy’s office track record and appreciated her work ethics that have shown her values.

"Asec. Badoy has been with the DSWD for only two months, but in that time she has shown strong commitment to her job and more importantly she has proven her compassion for the poor,” Taguiwalo said.

"Asec. Badoy loves children and cares about their welfare, so to even imply that she trivializes the issue is unfair and misleading," Taguiwalo added deeming it unfair on Badoy’s part to have been questioned on her professionality and values because of a “sarcastic sentence.

Taguiwalo, however, urged all government officials to be careful with what they post on social media given that it is perceived diffretly in social media than that of an ordinary citizen’s.

"We know that as government officials, we should be more circumspect and careful about what we post on social media. We always run the risk of being -- deliberately or not, maliciously or not -- misinterpreted," Taguiwalo cautioned, although also appreciated that with the hype about child pornography due to Badoy’s statements “"attention is being called to the social problem of child porn and the need to put an end to it."


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