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The Catholic Church has been receiving several criticisms for their hypocrisy, as President Rodrigo Duterte explained during his speech at the groundbreaking ceremony for the third bridge between Cebu Island and Mactan Island.
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The President expressed that, ““Mga pari wa nay gibuhat ug dili magyawyaw. Gwapog mga palasyo. Ibaligya na ninyo. Palit ninyog bugas ihatag sa pobre. Nya undang nag pang (kolekta). Kung dili, ipadakop ta mo. Extortion. (priests do nothing else but rant. They live in palaces. You should sell those and use the money to buy rice for the poor. And stop collecting money. If you don’t, I will have you arrested for extortion).”

It is known that the Church has always condemned the President’s war on illegal drugs claiming that it has taken away 7,000 lives, a number that is falsely wholly attributed to the crime reduction strategy of the current administration. 

“Fathers, monsignors, bishops, this means to say: marami pang patayan to, kasi lalaban talaga yan (Fathers, monsignors, bishops, this means to say: there will be more killings, because they will really fight back),” the President said adding that “it won’t end tomorrow for as long as there is a drug pusher and drug lord.”

A list of drug personalities to be hunted down remains in place no matter the pleas of the Church against the illegal drugs war.

Duterte said he would order the precinct commanders in towns and cities all over the country to give the Catholic priests a list of all persons “playing drugs” and “destroying lives of innocents.”
“There’s a whale of a difference between killing an innocent person and killing a criminal. They ought not to be mixed up,” he added.

Human Rights Watch in New York published a report on the 7,000 victims under the Duterte government, however the President pointed out that the government had also lost its share of law enforcers. Among them, he said, were the 32 soldiers and 29 police officers who went after the drug laboratories, including in Mindanao.

Duterte even added that it was his order to the police and military to hunt down drug personalities. If they would violently resist, then law enforcers should just kill these personalities instead of being killed themselves.

Source: Inquirer

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