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Pinoy-at-heart British netizen Malcolm Conlan recently received a message questioning his allegiance to the Philippines and threatening him with trouble if he ever comes back to visit the country.
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Conlan did a live Facebook video of his retort to the message and even opened up that he was “upset and angry” about the threat.

“I’m quite angry today to have received a message from somebody threatening me telling me that if I go to the Philippines there’s going to be trouble and I should watch out, I should be careful, and I’m really, really upset and angry about that,” Conlan said in his video.

He emphasized that he has every right to his opinions and views given that there is freedom of speech in the United Kingdom.

“I’ll blog as much as I want, I’ll comment as much as I want, this is my Facebook page and my Facebook account, I can say whatever I want to say on Facebook, if I want to promote the Philippines or the President, or the Filipino people or anything else, I’m quite within my rights to do that,” Conlan argued against the unnamed person who intimidated him into silence.

Conlan explained that the unnamed person’s message to him asked him what connection did he have with the Philippines that Conlan should feel rightly about speaking about the country.

“The fact is I’ve been to the Philippines over 40 times, I started going when I was around 18 I fell in love with the country, my family are from the Philippines, my wife’s from the Philippines, my children have been there many, many times, I’ve sent money there many times over the years as a supporter of organizations out there, as well as family reasons so I remit money to the country, so I believe I have every right to say what I want to say,” Conlan said.

Conlan is an avid supporter of President Rodrigo Duterte whom he believes was able to solve the prevalent drug issue in the country. He even pointed out that before the Duterte presidency the Philippines was plagued with 1.8 million shabu/drug addicts whom he reasoned was probably doing it to find a way out of a hard life.

“I will continue to support the president under the leadership of President Duterte,” Conlan asserted.

In his video, Conlan cited a previous case where someone said “nasty things” about him on Facebook and that basher was reported by Conlan’s followers and friends which ended up with the shutdown of the basher’s Facebook account. However, Conlan does not intend for this incident to happen again.

“I don’t want this to be the case every time, each time I make a comment about somebody people would kind of come running to my defense and shut down somebody’s account, no, I think this person is entitled to his freedom of speech just as much as I am to mine,” Conlan said.

Watch his video below:

Source: Malcolm Conlan

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