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By: Mj Quiambao Reyes
To those of you who are relentlessly attacking, condemning, mocking, and portraying our President Rodrigo Duterte as a heartless mass murderer—

We ask you to do an extensive research before you release another damaging write-up against our leader you so love to demonize.

TALK TO THE MILLIONS of Filipinos who trust him and see hope in him.
LISTEN--not just to the two self-confessed criminals and to those overly ambitious and greedy politicians from the opposition who simply want to get back to power.
LISTEN to the millions of Filipinos who have witnessed and have gone tired of all the injustice, incompetence, extreme inequality, and increased crimes due to poverty & narco-politics most prevalent during the previous administration.
FIND OUT why millions of Filipinos worldwide are out to defend this leader which has been the subject of your unjust & ill-informed news and opinions.
Ask us (the majority) what we see in him. Listen to what we have actually experienced in the past eight (8) months since he took over as President.
SEE the smile on our faces.
FEEL the hope in our hearts.
That, at last, we’ve found a genuine leader who truly cares for the people—a leader unbound, unafraid, and uncompromised.
That, at last, we have a leader who’s truly determined to protect the good and the law abiding citizens—a leader who’s bold enough to fight the organized crime syndicates and crush narcopolitics.
For the first time in the history of our country, we have a true patriot for a President—one who is willing to kill or be killed for the good of our country, for the benefit of our children and our children’s children.
It’s disheartening and enraging for many of us Filipinos how many (misinformed) foreign news agencies have unfairly released damaging reports against our President—reports which were mostly based from what were fed to you by some of the most biased local reporters and some rabid opposition senators who are moving heaven and earth to overthrow our duly elected President.
Talk to us—or call me and other more reliable news agencies who can give your FACTS and not just fiction or figments of the opposition’s wild and malicious imaginations.
DO NOT KILL OUR HOPES. Do not take away this hope. Not this time. Not from the millions of Filipinos who were abused and taken for granted for so long and who have found their voice in this new leader.
Do not kill our chance to rebuild our nation and provide a safer and brighter future for the next generation.
PLEASE REPORT FAIRLY & TRUTHFULLY as any ethical journalist should.
You may want to start with below information and do your own fact-checking.
A. Our country’s situation during previous admin and before Pres. Duterte took over:
» Crime volume in 2015: 675, 816 incidents
» 17 incidents of massacres
» 34 bombing incidents
 » 92% increase in rape cases (2010 vs 2014); 70% of victims were children
» More than 7,000 victims of riding in tandem for 3 years alone (2010, 2011, 2013 only)
» 110% increase in drug addicts from 2012-2016, w/ est. number of drug users @ 4M in 2016
» Crime Solution Efficiency Rate dropped from 89.9% in 2004 to 28.6% in 2013
B. Pres. Duterte accomplished in his 1st 6-7 months (related to illegal drugs & crimes alone):
» 1,250,000 +/-illegal drug users who surrendered
» Several drug rehab facilities were put in place
» Tens of thousands of drug addicts are now under rehab
» Busted several drug laboratories & mega shabu (metamphetamine)factories
» Neutralized hundreds of known drug personalities (jailed/prosecuted or killed in police operations)
» Dismissed more than 200 hundred police scalawags and suspended several others (now under investigation and/or prosecution)
» Significantly brought down crime rates:
• Index Crime: 201,013 in 2016 to now 139,462 in 2016 ( lower by 61,551)
• Non Index Crime: 474,803 in 2016 to now 445,347 in 2016 (lower by 29,456)
To say that there are now 7,000+ victims, mostly children, of EJK or so-called government sponsored killings, is a BIG, FAT, LIE & BLACK PROPAGANDA propagated by those who are either plain stupid and those who wish to overthrow a working and effective leader.
True, there are about 2,000 known & suspected drug personalities which were neutralized or have died during legitimate police operations. It should be noted that there were 5,000+ who were arrested—unharmed, and now being prosecuted in accordance with the law.
True, there were a few casualties or collateral damage along the way. And yes, there may have been some abuses by erring police officers or by some police officers who are likely connected to the drug syndicates. They are now under investigation. In fact, as of writing, more than 200 police officers were already dismissed as part of internal cleansing.
And yes, there were homicide & murder cases which may have mounted to 7,000 or even more. But no, they’re not victims of EJK. These crimes were committed by known & unknown killers with varied motives, which may or may not be directly related to drugs, and which were NOT sanctioned by the government.
And please, for the life of me, stop projecting De Lima as a political prisoner. She is being prosecuted for her alleged serious involvement in the illegal drug trade--which proliferated during previous admin to which she was the Justice Secretary and the one responsible of the National Penitentiary (in Muntinlupa) where several high profile drug lords were able to continue their illegal trade.
Now, if Sherlock Holmes was alive, he may even look at many of these killings as likely perpetrated by the ones who have bigger motives and will consequently benefit if Duterte is ousted:
These are the drug lords, the drug protectors (mostly politicians), the losing party who wants to get back in power, and other enemies of the state.
Of course, one does not need to be as smart and observant as Sherlock to be a journalist.
All we really ask from all of you is for you to be FACTUAL & OBJECTIVE in your reports."
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