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Vice President Leni Robredo announced that the Liberal Party (LP) will rise again on February 25 which elicited dismay from netizens as they perceived this to be a comeback of a dark age where “the elitist and the church will rule once again” while the Filipino masses will be “dumbing down” and abused.
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Mark Lopez, a social media user, expressed these sentiments on Facebook assessing the LP to bring back “ineptitude, inefficiency, corruption, apathy, and coward leadership” should they govern the Philippines again.

The past administrations ran by LP leaders have made a sore mark for current citizens due to poor implementations, lack of policies, and a perceived lack of political will. 

The current Duterte administration has been praised by netizens for addressing the loopholes that previous presidents missed or could not solve.

In his full comment, Lopez said:

"Wow! What a Monday!

Leni said the Liberal Party will rise again! Hip hip hooray!
Imagine that people -- ineptitude, inefficiency, corruption, apathy, and coward leadership will once again be the norm if indeed they rise and reclaim power.

We will go back again to rampant drug abuse and trade, terrorism and extortion, tanim bala, overshooting MRT carriages, stinky airport toilets, rotten or spoiled relief goods, OFW maltreatment and diaspora, soldiers and special forces sent to deaths, and good luck to us when a mega calamity hits our shores. We also go back to being American lapdogs while China will now be more aggressive and hostile.

Most of all, the elitist and the church will rule once again, which means the dumbing down and the abuse of the ordinary Filipino will be back with a vengeance.

And the fantastic bonus? It's gonna people like Leni, Mar, Korina, Frank, Kiko, Leila, Risa, Bam, Edcel and Sonny Trililing who will lord over government and lead us. Whatta crew!

Yahoo! Can't wait till Feb 25 when the rise will have been completed.

Anybody wants to join? Proven na yan..


Source: Facebook

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  1. I was there in EDSA 1 and on the 2nd day we backed out and went home. We went back to Malacanan ground when we heard that Marcos family was kidnapped by the US-CIA.
    We backed out after hearing from our underground information (there's no social media yet on that time) that the EDSA was a fiasco backed by the US-CIA and the church, plus the elite and the oligarchs.
    While I am at EDSA, my sister was in Malacanan supporting the first family, my sister was right.


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