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The Philippines’ current antidrug war has raised many doubters from both locals and nationals with some people saying it will spiral into failure like the narco war in Colombia, however there are factors that were overlooked in this comparison which a netizen elaborated on.
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Bryan Ng Co posted on social media his take on the negligible contrast between the Philippines antidrug campaign and Colombia’s own narcotic crackdown by explaining that, “having one or two key conditions that are the same in both the test case and the present condition do not necessarily mean that they’d produce the same result.”

The failure of the Colombian antidrug war was rooted in elements that are absent in our current strategy which negates the logic of predicting failure for our own country based on the patterns of a different nation.

Co noted the CIA and neighboring narco states as the cause of the Colombian drug crackdown failure. In his full post on Facebook, he said:


[This was my comment to Jovybev Aquino's post.]

Each case is unique in that not a single country can successfully mimic and replicate the key conditions immanent in the historical example. Imagine a situation where you know how to fight. Say, someone who has no martial arts training whatsoever touches you. You'd probably, easily, put him to sleep.

Now a few years and a black belt later, he comes back to your circle and touches you again. Would you still use the same technique to counter his move?
You wouldn't.

Same logic applies. Not everything is static. Having one or two key conditions that are the same in both the test case and the present condition do not necessarily mean that they'd produce the same result. For one, the environment as well as the protagonists aren't similar.

To assume that just because Gaviria failed that Duterte must by that antecedent also go down a failure is to commit a paralogic error.

That said, the failed Colombian narco program should provide the present administration a good case study upon which to build a stronger and more effective anti-narco game plan for the Philippines.

If you recall, there were at least two key elements or participants that were in Colombia's war on drugs that aren't present in ours today.

(1) CIA
(2) Neighboring narco states

When former president Cesar Gaviria took on the tall task of wresting back the control of his country in 1990 from the hands of the narcos, he engaged the services of the Americans, specifically the CIA. Americans have always and rightly put their interest before anyone else's. And we all know that where CIA sticks its syphilitic dick into, the whole country invariably contracts the disease.

To defeat the Medellin, CIA fed the Cali Cartel. Then the Sinaloa to weaken the Cali. They toyed with the lives of the Colombians precisely because they can afford to, and of course, the Colombians were not Americans.

By the time the CIA joined the fight, the South American continent was already awash in cocaine and heroin. Thus taking on Colombia was tantamount to making an enemy of all its neighbor-narco-states. Gaviria was faced with a reverse gangbang by drug pushers. He didn't have enough blue pills to sustain his erection to last the fight.

At this point, I have only mentioned two key factors that make any present narco programs meaningless to be compared to the failure that was Colombia. It is a VALUABLE HISTORICAL CASE to study though."

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