Open letter to Joma Sison and to all NPA Members: I promise to live longer in order to witness your agony soon

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An open letter addressed to communist leader Jose Maria Sison was posted on Facebook by a certain Eric Lozenzo.
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Lozenzo expressed his annoyance to Joma Sison and called him "opportunist and social cancer who has been living in the expense of other people  - the members of New People's Army (NPA)."

Read the full open letter below:

“Open Letter to Terrorist Leader Joma Sison and to all NPA Members.

Hope this story will make you proud of what you are doing.

I worked for 25 years under the heat of the sun in the Middle East in order to feed and survive my family. When I feel that my aging body can no longer do my daily job, I had to decide and gamble the small amount of money that my wife had set aside for more than two decades.

After working in Saudi Arabia for nearly 26 years, I finally decided to go home last 2011 in my hometown in Negros Occidental. My wife and I decided to open a small store selling agriculture supply products like fertilizers, certified seeds, chemicals, and other farm supplies and poultry and piggery feeds. I had to gamble my small savings into a business I never tried before.

My business was so profitable that I had to open two more branches after just 2 years. in fact, as of today, I already have 5 branches in 2 cities and 3 neighboring towns in central Negros Occidental.

My growing business was never been a secret to your terrorist group.

It was last year when I started planting sugar cane when your group sent me a letter asking for a monthly revolutionary tax of three sacks of rice and five thousand pesos. The amount of money and the supply of rice was never a problem for me. What bothers me is why asked from someone who made I life out of his own sweat? Is this making you proud?

I am not a person who just gives away my possessions to useless people for free. Even if you harass me and my business, I can still survive, but you, what are you?

Bakit kita kailangang bayaran ng revolutionary tax e hindi naman ako part ng rebolusyon ninyo?

You are nothing but an opportunist and a social cancer. You, Bernabe Buscayno, Ninoy Aquino Jr, and other who founded and made your terrorist group exist until today are the worst thing happened into this beautiful country.

I promise to live longer in order to witness your agony soon…/Eric Lorenzo/"

Open letter to Joma Sison and to all NPA Members: I promise to live longer in order to witness your agony soon Open letter to Joma Sison and to all NPA Members: I promise to live longer in order to witness your agony soon Reviewed by Newsinfo Learn on February 10, 2017 Rating: 5


  1. why dont just assasinate JOMA and all the memebers of this terrorist group...including the cojuangcos and aquinos

    1. I agree with...this peoples are useless...ano ang ipinaglalaban nila na ipinalo na nila...for more than 30 yrs...what is there contribution to our country...nothing but to kill those who don't want to give revolutionary taxes...this Joma, Bernabe and Ninoy who form this NPA are idiot and need to be eliminated.

  2. You can't just assasinate them until the truth reveals.

  3. Wala po silang pinag lalaban para sa bayan,they want our counrty to become a communist country kaya sila ganyan,dapat nag pari nalang kayo tutal mahilig kayong manghingi at least kung pari legal ang abuloy,sayang ang buhay ng mga sumali sa NPA if they only knew how beautiful to live in peace ang freedon,kayo mismo nag kulong sa inyong mga sarili dyan sa inyong samahan.Bakit ayaw nyo nalang mag trabaho at lumaban ng patas sa buhay and have a better and fruitful life.

  4. What an open letter did was a BIG insult to JOMA, CPP/NPA. as the saying goes TRUTH REALLY HURTS. Mag bago na kayo tapos na ang mga ideology nyo at wala na kayong pinaglalaban, matagal ng patay si Marcos at you have been given a rare chance or a GOLDEN opportunity by PRRD to help build our nation but you opted to be a TERRORIST kaya you lost everything, I hope this will wake you up and embrace reality, "CHANGE".

  5. I remember yung kwento about sa Bataan Transit, sinunog yung bus ng npa dahil hindi nagbabayad ng revolutionary tax. Para saan? Anong pinaglalaban nyo? In fairness naririnig ko din naman na ina-ambush nyo ang mga tiwaling pulis. Kaso lahat ng tao kailangan ng pera. Parasite kayo sa mga taong umaasenso sa negosyo sa malinis na paraan. Mungkahi ko lang kung totoo nga na taga ambush kayo ng kotong cops, sana yung mga negosyante na madaya din sa mga tao nila ang tirahin nyo (yung mga hindi nagbibigay ng mga benipisyo gaya ng SSS philhealth etc.) That way ok kayo neutralizer pero kung mali ang dinig ko edi parasite na kayo ng lipunan pero sana totoo ang mga naririnig ko na tiwali lang ang pinagiinitan nyo.

  6. Ang tawag dito sa italia ay mafia

  7. Ano pa ba ang ipinaglalaban ng mga TERORISTANG NPA at ni JOMA SISON? Patay na si Marcos at maganda na ang buhay ng tao. Sila lang naman ang gustong mamuhay ang mga mamamay na NAGHIHIKAHOS para gamiting ng paulit ulit ang isyu ng na naghihirap ang tao. Sa katunayan walang ng SIGNIFICANCE ang grupo ni JOMA SISON. At upang mapansin sila ng lipunan kailangan nilang gumawa ng gulo para kunyari may SAYSAY pa sila.

    Wala na po si Marcos. Matagal na. Anu pa ba ang ipinaglalaban nyo? Tigilan nyo na po ang panggugulo sa sambayanang Pilipino. Hindi kayo kelangan ng tao. Pabigat lang kayo sa mamamayan. Mga teroristang magnanakaw at mangungulimbat.

  8. They really are the social cancer of our society, they and their offspring should be included in The DARWIN AWARDS (Commemorating those individuals who ensure the long-term survival of our species by removing themselves from the gene pool in a sublimely idiotic fashion).

  9. The only reason why they remain to be members of the NPA is, they want an easy money, they don't have to work. In short they are LAZY PEOPLE ARMY!! LPA
    They are no different from thieves and bandits. They should be captured and jailed. Or better wipe them out!!

    1. wipe them out like what the goverment of sri lanka did to tamil rebels, the goverment wipe out the rebels completely after the two failed peace process.


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