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The Duterte Administration is facing an onslaught of criticisms on their policies and strategies for good governance and a better Philippines, particularly on their anti-drug war campaign which has attracted national and international attention; however Duterte supporters claim that President Rodrigo Duterte has not broken laws, but instead abided by them even when executing his anti-drug war.
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After Thinking Pinoy posted in their Facebook Page the list of United Democracy and Duterte Supporters (DDS) solidarity demonstrations on February 25, 2017 (Saturday), netizen and information technology graduate Harold Serrano commented a kind of primer on the President’s legal actions and the statistics on his anti-drug war campaign.

Serrano highlighted cogent issues that the President had been previously lambasted for such as Duterte’s threat to criminals, ordering police to shoot, Commission on Human Rights (CHR) investigations, Duterte’s mayorship, and international coverage.

“To all the people who doesn't know much about Duterte, nor on what is going on in the Philippines, yet kept on throwing out baseless statements, let me demonstrate this as much as necessary,” Serrano started in his comment. He then enumerated these issues against Duterte and clarified what the President meant by this or what it had implied.

Serrano also included the statistics to the number of murder and homicide in the Philippines which has remained more or less the same average number of killings since 2010, proving that killings have long been rampant in the Philippines and unattributable solely to the President’s narco-war.

On the other hand, drug operations carried out during Duterte’s term rendered 1, 173, 212 total number of surrenderrees recorded from July 1, 2016 to January 24, 2017. In the same period, 2, 512 drug personalities were killed and 51, 882 arrested. Serrano mentioned that some 4, 000+ deaths are streamed on major media networks, but is inclusive of deaths caused by illegal drug syndicates cleansing their own ranks, vigilantes, and natural causes.


"To all the people who doesn't know much about Duterte, nor on what is going on in the Philippines, yet kept on throwing out baseless statements, let me demonstrate this as much as necessary:

First, there is no law in the Philippines which prohibits a president to threathen criminals and potential criminals with death. Therefore, there is no crime at all when Duterte said: "if you destroy my country, I will kill you, and if you deprive us of our next generation, I will destroy you."

Second, "go and hunt for them, arrest them if possible, but if they present a violent resistance, thereby placing your life in jeopardy, shoot." -- that was Duterte's order to policemen, it's being taught in military schools -- the right to defend, and is a standard protocol of every country. Thus, he's not ordering the policemen to shoot for no reason. 

Third, Duterte was investigated by a former SOJ (Secretary of Justice) and former CHR (Commission on Human Rights) Chair (now a senator) named Leila de Lima and a UN (United Nations) Special Rapporteur Philip Alston, back when he was a mayor in Davao City, Philippines. They did not file a case against him at that time. They found nothing.

Fourth, Duterte said: "Talagang naghahanap ako ng engkwentro para makapatay" (I was really looking for confrontation so I could kill). Confrontation means #2: the criminals resort to violent resistances frequently with arms, by means endangering the enforcer's life. In a sane society, the criminals and potential criminals should be afraid of the police, not the other way around.

Fifth, under Duterte's mayorship, Davao City, Philippines was named as the fourth (4th) safest city and hits nine percent (9%) of growth.

Sixth, it was really a shootout when Duterte admits #4 but the nternational media portrays him as he admitted killing "suspected criminals". Those are criminals, not suspects. In addition, it was a legitimate operation - Duterte was along with policemen, was covered by the media and investigated by the CHR (Commission on Human Rights) back then. Duterte was telling a story concerning his mayorship for twenty three (23) years. The international media now, again did not do any research, there is a thing called 'digging up the past'.

Seventh, under Duterte's administration a mega-drug rehabilitation center has been constructed which can include ten thousand (10,000) patients and there are more to be built as his term goes on. Plus, Duterte allocates one billion pesos (Php 1,000,000,000.00) for free medicines and another one billion pesos (Php 1,000,000,000.00) for drug rehabilitation from the money which he recieved personally from PAGCOR (Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corp).

Eight, years before Duterte has not became a president yet, there are already numerous killings in the Philippines. Here are the statistics:

Murder and Homicide in Philippines

2010 - 12,352
2011 - 11,864
2012 - 11,506
2013 - 16,160
2014 - 13,105
2015 - 12,481

- PNP (Philippine National Police) Directorate for Investigative and Detective Management.

The average killings since the year 2010 are almost the same.

Ninth, Duterte is doing the following to stop the cause which is mainly due to poverty:

1. Constructing/Constructed Mega-drug rehabilitation centers (already mentioned in #7).
2. Alloting money for free medicines and drug rehabilitation (already mentioned in #7).
3. Approved 2017 budget that includes free tuition fees for all SUCs (State Universities and Colleges).
4. Filing of criminal cases against narco-politicians, policemen, celebrities and personalities.
5. Attracted investments from different countries to generate more jobs.

Tenth, currently there are more than a million of surrenderees. Here are the statistics:

War on Narco-Politics Stats
Latest update covering the period from July 1, 2016 to January 24, 2017 (6:00 AM) on Project: Double Barrel Alpha

1. Number of operations conducted: 42,798
2. Illegal Drug Personalities
A. Killed: 2,512
B. Arrested: 51,882
3. Project: Oplan-Tokhang
A. Number of houses visited: 6,808,581
B. Total number of illegal drug surrenderers: 1,173,212
I. Illegal drug pushers: 79,251
II. Illegal drug users: 1,093,961
4. Casualties on Police Operations
A. PNP (Philippine National Police)
I. KIPO (Killed in Police Operation): 35
II. WIPO (Wounded in Police Operation): 84
(The 13 KIPO and 10 WIPO are still for validation.)
B. AFP (Armed Forces of the Philippines)
I. KIA (Killed in Action): 3
II. WIA (Wounded in Action): 8

- PROs (Philippine Regional Offices).

2,512 killed in legitimate operations adding the 4,000+ DUI (Deaths Under Investigation) or are according to mainstream media as EJK (Extra-Judicial Killings). These are carried off by illegal drug syndicates (cleansing their own ranks), scalawag policemen, vigilantes and some are like heart attacks and cancers (media included some of natural causes). Consider it 7000+.

7000+ out of 1,000,000+ is less than 1% (0.007 or so).

Therefore, 99% are alive."


Source: Thinking Pinoy

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