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More than a thousand nuns and priests are accused of child sexual abuse between the years 1950 to 2010 after 4,444 people made allegations against 93 Catholic authorities, based on data compiled by Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse in Sydney, Australia.

Francis Sullivan, chief executive of Church's Truth, Justice and Healing Council disclosed that 1,265 Catholic priests are accused of committed child sex crimes for 60 years. He said that it is a “massive failure on the part of the Catholic Church in Australia to protect children from abusers.”

Further data showed that the most abusive religious institutions were schools and homes ran by orders of brothers where girls as young as 10 years old and boys as young as 11 years old are vulnerable.

Despite these numbers, only 27 out of the 309 abuse cases have been prosecuted in Australia while there is 75 more undergoing investigation.

Archbishop of Sydney Anthony Fisher was ashamed of the findings. He said, “confronting as it will be, I remain determined to do all we can to assist those who have been harmed by the Church and to work towards a culture of greater transparency, accountability and safety for all children.”

Sullivan also said that, “These numbers are shocking. They are tragic and they are indefensible. As Catholics, we hang our heads in shame.”

The Pontifical Commission for the Protection of Minors under Pope Francis is set to submit written evidence on the findings. 

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