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Writer Krizette Laureta Chu commented on the statement of Loida Nicolas-Lewis about the #LeniLeaks that spread like a wildfire on social media after Sass Sasot and Thinking Pinoy posted the documents of plot to oust President Rodrigo Duterte.

On the comment of Chu, she asked Lewis questions,


On the other hand, Lewis answered the comment of Chu and said,

"I do not assume anything about you, but I do block and delete also those who use my personal page to judge me or gain fame. Do it on your own walls, please. :-)"

Chu then took the advantage and replied to Lewis in a long message that can move the hearts of anyone who reads it.

Read the full message of Ms. Krizette Laureta Chu:

"Thanks for your reply. Fame is not something I can get from your wall, Ms. Lewis. I am here because I want to reach out.

"I felt judged, as do many Filipinos, because I think you assume we were not smart enough to elect our President. I am insulted, Ms. Lewis, that you think our choice is not good enough when you do not know our stories, our experiences that drove us to choose a man like Duterte.

"It is okay to disagree with our choice, as I disagree with BBM supporters, but democracy is not dead just because it is not your choice that won.

"Abraham Lincoln once said, "Elections belong to the people. It's their decision. If they decide to turn their back on the fire and burn their behinds, then they will just have to sit on their blisters."

"I want to know why you undermine a government that is put there by many Filipinos. 

"What is your end goal, may I know? 
Do you think by replacing Duterte with Robredo you will be doing us all a favor? Isn't that a little bit arrogant, to assume that you would know better than all of us? 

"Just so you know, Ms. Lewis, we will not take an Oust Duterte movement sitting down, and I hope that you realize that if a civil war erupts, because we will not go down without fighting for our President, that the destabilizers will have our blood on their hands

"You had your time, your bets had their time and they had the opportunity to do what they wanted to do. And they failed us! 

"They failed us and now our reaction--our revenge--we poured on that ballot. Duterte is our revenge of a system that did not work for us. If it worked for you, congratulations, but do not deny us our rights as Filipinos and our chance to choose a leader we want.

"We have as much right as you, even more, because we live our everyday lives here

"Whether or not you approve of Duterte is irrelevant now. You should respect the democratic process as a decent, law abiding human being. 

"To hold Duterte to his promise of eliminating crimes at the 3-month mark and using it as an excuse to ask him to resign is flimsy excuse just so you can install Leni as President. I voted for her, but I voted for her as VP. 

"It is because of the people around her that Leni is getting so much flak and hatred. She was not this kind of woman when she started in politics. 

"If you love this country as you say you do, then support it. This destabilization has already torn the country apart. Criticism is very, very different from wanting to boot out a democratically elected leader. If we suffer in the future, so be it. We have also suffered from the decisions of leaders we did not elect. That is both the curse and beauty of a democracy. 

"Imagine all the good you could do, Ms. Lewis. I am aware you've done a lot, but imagine what your money and influence could do for this country that's still picking up the pieces. I believe, in the end, in the goodness of man, and I believe you come from an earnest place. But by pushing your own choice to us, you disrespect us. It's our time now, Ms. Lewis. Please do us the favor of respecting us."

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