Sass Sasot revealed how the #LeniLeaks issue started

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The conversation emails of Loida Nicolas-Lewis and her allies on Yahoo Group went viral on social media.
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The focus of the said emails is the plan to oust President Rodrigo Duterte and to destabilize the duly elect government.

Political analyst Sass Sasot revealed the story behind how she and Thinking Pinoy uncovered the emails.

Sass said that Lewis and her yellow allies has a Yahoo Group named "Global Filipino Diaspora Council."

A certain Vilma informed Sass that during the rally of Liberal Party last November, Lewis funded the advertisement in the whole page.

Read the full statement of Sasot below:


"Noong Wednesday, someone messaged me, itago na lang natin siya sa pangalang Vilma. Sabi sa akin in Vilma eh nahanap daw niya ang Yahoogroups nila Loida at ang nakita niya doon ay sila pala ang nagbayad ng whole page ad last November. Hindi ko ito pinansin noong una.

"And then what caught my attention ay iyong message niya sa akin noong Thursday. Naka-address nga kay TP ang message. Ang sabi sa akin ay: "TP yung concerted effort to attack Duterte Pages ay from Leni's camp." Attached are the screenshots of our conversation."

Check out the email conversation of Loida Lewis and allies below:

Here are the conversation screenshot of Sass and Vilma:

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Source: Sass Sasot

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