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Romulo Macalintal, Vice President Leni Robredo’s lawyer, disregards the claims of losing vice presidential candidate Ferdinand Marcos Jr, on the electoral fraud based on the SD cards.
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The Marcos camp has been insisting that the supposedly unused SD cards contain data that would show that there was indeed cheating that happened in the May 2016 vice presidential polls. However, Macalintal said that Marcos’ decision to file a motion while sitting as the Presidential Electoral Tribunal (PET), reinforces that the issue over the SD cards is nothing but a stunt.

Marcos’ lawyer, Vic Rodriguez, has already asked the PET last November 26 to order a preliminary conference, which signalled the start of the hearings on the complaint against Robredo.

Macalintal, on the other hand, said that that particular move was “abandoning their claim that the 13 SD cards contained evidence of ‘massive electoral fraud’.

As a matter of fact, Marcos’ motion for preliminary conference never mentioned these 13 SD cards precisely because they are not even part of his election protest,” Macalintal said.

Furthermore, he challenged Marcos and Rodriguez to sign a written agreement that they would drop the electoral protest once proven that the alleged data in the SD cards do not prove that there has been an electoral fraud.

These are not laughing matters but matters of grave concern that they must prove; otherwise they have no right to come to court for alleged vindication of Marcos’ rights.”

Rodriguez expressed their disinterest to Macalintal’s challenge, as he thinks it’s just a publicity stunt.

Source: Rappler

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