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Assistant secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairs, Daniel Russel has denied the allegations that Philip Goldberg wrote a blueprint to oust President Rodrigo Duterte.
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The alleged "blueprint" went viral on social media as media outlets anonymously received copies of a document written by Goldberg showing many ways on how the US government could help undermine President Duterte.

Below is the statement of Daniel Russel:

"These allegations of a blueprint are false. No such blueprint exists.

"As Secretary Kerry said in his meeting with President Duterte in July, the United States respects the sovereignty of the Philippines and the democratic choices made by the Philippine people in selecting their leaders.

"Our ongoing aid programs and defense cooperation demonstrate our commitment to building Philippine institutions and to the Philippines’ success as a country and within ASEAN.

"As we have said, our relationship with the Philippines is broad and our alliance is one of our most enduring and important relationships in the Asia Pacific region. It has been a cornerstone of stability for over 70 years. It is built on shared sacrifices for democracy and human rights and strong people-to-people and societal ties. We continue to focus on our broad relationship with the Philippines, and will work together in the many areas of mutual interest to improve the livelihoods of the Philippine people and uphold our shared democratic values."

Below are some of the ways on how to unseat Duterte according to the blueprint:

- “Chang(ing) the political landscape (in the Philippines) by dividing the core leadership of Duterte” and “sow(ing) discontent among party mates.”

- “Weakening the peso would exacerbate the inflation problem, and in the short run, affect the demand for and supply of commodities, and the competitiveness of Philippine agriculture.” 

- “Robredo-led opposition groups (to include the Catholic Church and other religious groups, the business sector, civil society, and youth groups)”


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Source: Manila Times

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