Hontiveros: Killing 6,000 people is not a victory

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According to Senator Risa Hontiveros, instead of encouraging the killings in our country, the government should have implemented a public health policy on drug abuse from the very start.
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“Our country did not need more than 6,000 people to die in order to see drug abuse as a public health issue. The government’s supposed shift to a public health approach in its anti-drugs campaign should have come first in a comprehensive response,” said Hontiveros in a statement.

Recently, MalacaƱang claimed the "victory" in its war against drugs but announced that the country's drug problem has now become a "public health issue."

“MalacaƱang is painting a picture of victory and is using the public health discourse to provide a humane face to its deadly war on drugs and evade accountability for the patent abuses,” Hontiveros said.

“The government should have heeded our appeal at the outset and mobilized resources in the funding of out-patient rehabilitation programs and community drop-in centers, as well as harm reduction capacity-building sessions for local governments, health agencies and non-government organizations."

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“Much harm has been inflicted on thousands of dead, drug dependents further cut off from health services and poor people deprived of public funds used for Tokhang instead of for social and economic programs,” Hontiveros said.

“Ending the killings and holding all those responsible for these atrocities must be done alongside the implementation of a public health agenda on the anti-drugs campaign,” Hontiveros added.

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Source: Politiko

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