Duterte: If you can’t understand me, it’s your problem

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In an interview of Jessica Soho, GMA News' to President Rodrigo Duterte on Thursday, he said that it was the Filipino's problem if they didn't understand him.
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He said that he do not need to explain his controversial remarks that at times would later be clarified by his spokespersons and Cabinet officials.

"I think that's the problem also when you communicate, when you make 'yung mga off-the-cuff remarks like that," Soho said.

"It's not a problem actually. If you cannot understand me..." Duterte said.

"The entire Filipino nation, kayo ang may problema," he added.

"I need not explain to you kasi alam mo. Alam ng kayong mga GMA na matagal na diyan, I'm fond of doing it."

Last October, Duterte said he would stop cussing because God talked to him, telling him he would bring down the plane if he didn't.

Duterte said it was a joke.

"Sino ba namang magsalita nang gano'n? Ang joker diyan Diyos, hindi ako," Duterte said.

Soho asked about his story when he throw a kidnapper out of a helicopter.

Duterte denied and said it was the story of Tulfo.

"Kay Tulfo 'yon, sa column niya noon pa raw."

Soho also asked if Duterte killed a person who was not fighting back, Duterte said, "Ano ka ba, executioner? Hindi ka lalaki kapag ganu'n."

"Ganito 'yan, you can never get a validation from me whether it is true or whether it happened or didn't happen," Duterte said.

"Because you're a lawyer," Soho said.

"Not only that," Duterte replied.

"May tatlong suspect. Walang magsalita. 'Saan 'yung hostage n'yo?' Walang magsalita. Tapos nahuli sila... Sino sila? Walang magsalita," he added.

"Ganito 'yan sa sine lang 'yan. 'Ayaw mo magsalita?' Ihulog mo 'yan. Sa sine lang. Dalawa na lang. 'Ayaw n'yong

Magsabi magsalita kami... Ihulog mo na lang," Duterte said.

"So hinulog n'yo?" Soho asked.

Duterte laughed, saying, "Sa sine lang 'yon."

Source: GMA News Online

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