Atty. Rivera to Loida Lewis: Putang*na!!! Tumahimik ka!!!

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Atty. Bruce Rivera slams Loida Nicolas-Lewis, a Fil-am community leader and one of the big financer of Mar Roxas during the last presidency campaign after saying that President Rodrigo Duterte should resign now and let VP Leni Robredo take over.
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In his Facebook account, Atty. Rivera said that Nicolas-Lewis should be charged for treason and obviously, she wanted Duterte out.

Atty. Rivera also asked Nicolas-Lewis to come here in the Philippines and be with ordinary Filipino so she can understand what's really happening.

Read the full post of Atty. Rivera below:

"God!!!! You believe in the democratic process then why do you want the duly elected President to resign. Kasuhan na nga yan ng treason. You are the reason why many Filipinos voted for Trump because you are so close to Hillary and it is obvious that you want Duterte out. At pasulat-sulat ka pa ng article na nameet mo siya and saying all the good things kunwari. Isa kang makapili.

Pakiusap ko lang. Umuwi ka ng Pilipinas, samahan mo ang ordinaryong Pilipino. Hwag ka masyadong didikit sa mga kaibigan mong mga mayayaman sa Manila para maintindihan mo ang pulso ng masang Pilipino. Tapos duon ka manawagan na bumaba.
Kung hindi mo pa nagawa, putang-ina!!! Tumahimik ka!!!!"

Source: Bruce Rivera

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  1. Haha!
    Ang lutong ng P.I. ni atty. Love it!
    Pampagulo lng tlaga to c lola loida. Lola, Leni might have the brain of a lawyer but absolutely she does'nt have one like of a #President...
    Ienjoy mu n lng mga natitirang hninga mu dto sa lupa kesa mangi2alam ka sat pulitika!

    1. Loida Nicolas-Lewis is NOT EVEN AN AMERICAN-EDUCATED ATTORNEY! This good for nothing, piece of garbage, wannabe is NO DIFFERENT FROM THE LOW-LIFE, DIRTY PROSTITUTES OF MANILA, ANGELES, AND OLONGAPO WHO ARE BARGAINING THEIR PUSSIES JUST SO WEALTHY FOREIGNERS WILL MARRY THEM! Loida, you are just the same as these women as you married a rich, black man to alleviate poverty and to improve your economic status because you cannot deny that you didn't also come from a well-off family in the Philippines. There you are flaunting your job experience here in the U.S. that the USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services) formerly known as the INS (Immigration and Naturalization Services) employed you as an attorney for more than 10 years. REALLY, LOIDA? You don't even come across as an attorney who can proficiently communicate in English. I have seen your interviews and you do NOT sound like a lawyer who can win a case inside the court room, and all the more do you NOT convince me that you were ever an attorney yourself because YOU ARE VERY TACTLESS AND UTTERLY UNETHICAL! Should you actually be licensed in New York as an attorney, you should immediately be disbarred now as YOU ARE COMMITTING THE CRIME OF TREASON YOURSELF for plotting a coup d'etat and for threatening to destabilize the Duterte Administration. Bet on it, Loida, had your black husband still be alive until now, your husband will never allow you to lavishly misappropriate his millions by funding Panot Aquino's political career. You, Loida, Panot Aquino, Mar Boy Epal Roxas, and Leni "Thief of the Night" Robredo should altogether go and die in hell today!!!!

  2. She must go to hell! putang ina ka! gurang!


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