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Singer/dancer and known supporter of President Rodrigo Duterte, Mocha Uson expressed her opinion about the disrespectful message of Daughter of the President of Philippine Star.
Edited photo from BeautyMNL

Uson's facebook post was directed to Regina Belmonte, the daughter of "Philippine Star" president Miguel Belmonte.

According to Uson, Belmonte is complaining about her column in their newspaper and said that Mocha is a garbage and misleading the country.

"Are we seriously getting that reprehensive human being Mocha Uson as a columnist??? Why are we giving garbage a bigger platfrom to mislead the country?" Belmonte's text message to his father.

Belmonte also tweeted that Philippine Star was founded with "Truth shall prevail" and to have Mocha Uson is a disgrace to her grandmother's memory who founded the newspaper.

Meanwhile, Uson just shrugs off the insult.

She said that she doesn't deserve to be part of Belmonte's family newspaper and shares her learning about life.

 "All come from dust, and to dust all return"

Uson also said that she will continue to write and express the cry of ordinary people.

Read the post of Mocha below:

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  1. i think this lady the grand daughter of belmonte is the real garbage...elites thinks that they are always right when they talk...she even twisted the facts and reality...

  2. sana bangungutin ka hayop ka parehas kau ugali ng mga retards na agot at patag

  3. Ikaw rin nilibing kna kahapon. Nagmumulto ka dahil isa kang satanas

  4. matapobreng anak ng presstituted publishing company. kaartehang wala sa tamang lugar.

  5. Fuck you Regina Belmonte. Kung ayaw mo sa isang tao huwag mong insultuhin. Kailangan mo pa siguro bumalik sa eskwelahan kung saan ka man galing dahil lumalabas na ikaw ay walang pinag-aralan.


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