Roque to Duterte: Visit US next or risk being removed from office

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Wednesday, October 26, Kabayan party-list Rep. Harry Roque said that President Rodrigo Duterte should consider making a state visit to the United States.
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According to GMA News Online, Roque fears the US government might try to oust Duterte if he continue to opposed them.

"I relayed to Foreign Affairs Secretary Perfecto Yasay that after the trip to Japan, we should prepare a state visit to the US and my reason to Yasay was very pragmatic," said Roque.

"Unless we pay a state visit to the US, baka the US will take steps to remove Duterte," he added.

Roque also said that Philippines should continue being friends with the US regardless of who would win between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trum in the upcoming US presidential elections.

"Although we have given priority to Asian neighbors, we value the US next," said Roque.

So far, Duterte had visited 6 countries in Asia since he took office.

Source: GMA News Online

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  1. And who the hell they think they are to do that? Your mentality is disgraceful and a big insult to the Filipino people and to our country! You believed we are puppets and a slave of the US???!!!! Shame on you to warn our president asshole!!! You have no pride and dignity!!!

  2. I am utterly ashamed of you Roque. Tuta ka ba ng kano? Here we are, having regained our dignity and you are telling the president to visit USA for what. To kiss their feet? If there's going to be someone who is going to remove Pres. Duterte from Malacanang, it will be the people of the Philippines. Not the Americans, not you, not Congress, not Senate. You will be facing the entire nation and fight with them to remove Duterte from his office, me included. Ibinoto ka lang ng tao, tandaan mo. Sambayanang Pilipino ang nagluklok kay Presidente Duterte, sambayanang Pilipino rin ang mag-aalis sa kanya, kung mangyayari.

  3. Dapat tanggalin na talaga yang party list isipin mo kabayan party list tapis papayuhan mo pangulo pumunta sa US masyado naman ang pagkamakabayan mo.

  4. Kabayan party list! Nasaan ang pagiging makabayan mo? Wala kang dignidad ng isang Pilipino if gusto mo lang umasa at mamalimos sa US...kung gusto nila tumulong, ty..Pero huwag sila makialam kung gusto ng mga Pilipino ang tahimik at maunlad na bansa sa future!!!


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