Peter Wallace: 'This is a man who genuinely cares for this country and cares for its people'

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In a press briefing in Malacañang on Wednesday, October 5, Peter Wallace, an Australian businessman congratulate President Rodrigo Duterte for his accomplishment and achievements during his 100 days in office.

“I’ve been studying this man for quite some time. I’ve known him for quite some time. This is a man who genuinely cares for this country and genuinely cares for its people. And what I particularly like, he cares for what really matters like in the provinces where we have the poorest of the poor and the people suffering the most,” Wallace said.

Wallace is a known business man who has lived in the Philippines for four decades.

Wallace particularly impressed when Duterte signed an executive order of the "Freedom of Information" which he said should have been done a long time ago.

The businessman also defended the President’s “radical” style of leadership in the country that was being portrayed in the media.

“He’s angry and he’s frustrated and he takes this out by swearing, which is not terribly abnormal in the society that he is mixed in. But it is difficult for particularly foreigners to understand,” he said.

“And what happens unfortunately is too often what he says is taken literally rather than interpreting what he actually meant. Because if you do that, you find that most of the swearing is just top of the head type of stuff, that doesn’t have any real importance to it, that isn’t the real intent. It’s underlying that behind that really matters. And what’s underlying behind that is that he wants change and he wants to get things done,” he added.

Wallace believes the President is not cutting ties with the United States despite his recent pronouncement of establishing economic ties with Russia and China.


“He’s trying I think to establish that the Philippines is a truly independent country. It is no longer a colony of the US. It is no longer subservient in any way to the US. It wants its independence and in a fairly dramatic way that he’s trying to put that across, right? Now, it’s an unusual way,” he said.

Wallace also gave his opinion on the issue of extra judicial killings.

“I don’t see it affecting business particularly. There’s no question that there has been concern raised by some of the foreign business community over these but nobody, nobody is withdrawing. No companies are going out but business is not affected directly,” he said.

Source: UNTV

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  1. I appreciate Duterte's FOI but to some instance bec. he's not transparent with his dealings with China over WPS. He recently announced the drug rehab facility that China donated is almost complete. This is the thing he said before he might ask China in exchange for occupying WPS but since then he was silent on the process. This is tantamount to selling our sovereign right to illegal foreign occupant.

    1. Eh anong gagawin natin laban sa china at iba pang bansang umaangkin sa WPS, lumaban? pare, mag-isip ka naman. anong panlaban natin? wala tayong maraming sundalo, wala tayong maraming military armaments. yong mga armas natin, panahon pa yata ni magellan, wala tayong missiles. kung makikipagsabayan tayo sa ibang ASEAN countries, eh mapupulbos tayo..ano ka ba? natayuan na ng chinese military infrastructures at armaments ang WPS sa panahon pa ng nakaraang administrasyon. ang ginagawa ng Pang. Duterte ngayon ay diplomasya na lang kaysa labanan ang China ng sabayan.

    2. correct. well said. hindi pwede ang armas sa armas talalgang mapupubos ang Pinas.
      ang galing nga ng strategy ng Presaidente, diplomasya talaga ang dapat. hindi naman ahat nakukuha sa santong paspasan...

  2. Business above everything, right? Let's all get infected with barbarism and forget human rights and civil liberties in the name of business and lies. Right on Wallace.

    1. Yeah, human rights, my butt! Human rights should be given to human not to human who acted like animals and lived like animals!

    2. I AGREE. Walastik itong si Wallace. As an Australian he is always intervening the Philippine affairs. During previous administrations, he kept on praising and saying "alleluia." Now he is singing the same tunes.

      Wallace didn't care for the 7,100 (not islands) persons killed in the "War on Drugs." He didn't care that our peso value is depreciating.He didn't care that our sovereignty and territorial ownership are trampled upon by the Duterte Administration.

    3. eh mabuti na yong maubos ang lahat ng drug lord, pusher, rapist, robber, etc kesa mabiktima ang mga walang malay at inosenteng tao! gago ka, tanga. panahon pa ng nakaraang mga administrasyon, natayuan na ng infrastructures ang west philippine sea eh wala namang nagawa si Panot at yong ibang naging presidente, tapos ibubunton mo ka Pang. Duterte ang sisi? asan ba ang utak mo, TANGA!

  3. Yes human rights are only applicable to those who are created as humans, humans think , but animals rely on instinct alone, when hungry they kill to eat, humans beg or work to get something to eat....


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