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In an interview, Mocha Uson said that she respect Agot Isidro's controversial remarks to President Rodrigo Duterte whom she called 'psychopath.'
Photo credits: TNP

"I respect Miss Agot Isidro," Uson said.

Uson then cited President Rodrigo Duterte's comment that Isidro was merely exercising her "constitutional rights" by stating her opinions.

Friday, October 14, Uson said that she understand Isidro because she's just stating her opinions.

However, Uson urged the actress to talk to people on the stress to know the progress made by the new administration.

"You're entitled to your opinion. Pero maganda rin siguro tanungin ninyo ang mga tao kung ano ang kanilang nararamdaman. Nararamdaman na ang pagbabago," she said.


Uson pointed out that Isidro is a supporter of Vice President Leni Robredo which is from the Liberal Party.

She also posted a photo of the actress with Robredo with the caption "Kaya naman pala."

Source: GMA News Online

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