Erwin Tulfo on De Lima`s anti-EJK bill: What a stupid bill

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On Tuesday, October 11, Senator Leila de Lima filed a bill regarding the extrajudicial killings.

The bill is called Senate Bill 1197 or the "Anti-Extrajudicial Killing Act of 2016."

The bill will order law enforcers to issue a warning through a megaphone before conducing operations such as raid, arrest and search.

The order also included that warning shot is prohibited.

The bill explained the extrajudicial killings as "unlawful and deliberate killing of targeted individuals or groups thereof, carried out by agents of the State and under its order or acquiescence in lieu of arrest, investigation and prosecution. Extrajudicial killings includes summary killing perpetrated by private individuals for purposes of carrying out on their own or in the context of vigilantism, a campaign or policy of the State."

"Use of force when employed shall be proportionate, and shall be allowed only when there is clear and convincing attempt to evade arrest. Alternative non-lethal incapacitating weapons."

Even though De Lima was praised by those people against President Duterte, many netizens slammed her thinking that the bill is useless.

Erwin Tulfo tweet about the bill filed by De Lima saying it was a stupid bill.

"Delima files a bill anti-EJK. She wants cops to announce their arrival to warn suspects of their arrest. What a stupid bill. Tsk, tsk, tsk."

Source: NowReader 

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  1. akala ko 8th placer yan si D5maw sa BAR, yang Senate Bill 1197 ang pinaka gagong Bill na ginawa ng isang Senador kagaya rin yan sa mga Bill nina Bam Aquino at Hontiveros. (Tira-tira Bill at Color Coding Bill) ang gagaling ninyo!!! Hay naku, kawawa ang Pilipinas pag ganito mga Senador natin.

  2. Baka naman gusto niya maglabas pa ng anuncio sa medya-medya yellow media for intent to arrest. Si Lola talaga, oh - her bagful of entertainment bursting with inutile ideas. Advise, Lola: magsitigil ka na kaya. You rest in peace and we get a much-needed break from your whining. Win-win, di vah?

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